Designer Closet Giveaway: The Boo-tiful Matilda!

We went into the Designer Closet this month for a classic look in style and color, but perfect for Halloween—and school!  This is Matilda!

Matilda was almost a part of this season’s new street sole line, but was cut due to its similarity to the more familiar looking Barbara.  It separates itself with a T-strap which some of our staff really loved!

As with all of our Flex® shoes, Matilda will come with an additional 2 millimeter insole that customizes the fit and can reduce the shoe by almost half a size if needed!  You’ll get more out of Matilda thanks to this flexibility. 

Check out the some of the many ways your little one can wear Matilda for Halloween!

Do you prefer a classic single strap Mary Jane, or a t-strap like Matilda? 

What kind of fun Halloween outfits could you dress these up in?  Comment below with your answers and  get the chance to win this one-of-a-kind pair in size EU27!

Valid of US Residents only. No purchase necessary to Enter or Win. Must comment on this blog post to be considered to win one (1) pair of Flex Matilda Black in size EU27. Winner will be contacted via comment reply & e-mail. Winner will be announced Thursday, October  19, 2017. No returns or exchanges.

Wish Lists Are Here!

We have created a new “Wish List” function for! Just like your other favorite retail sites, you can now save the pediped items you wish to buy later on one convenient digital list.  With our shareable link feature, you can send your public wish list to friends & family too!

To create your pediped® wish list:

·         While viewing your favorite style(s), select the correct size for your little one

·         Make sure you’re signed in to your account & click the “WISH LIST” button next to the “Add to Bag” button, this will add the item to your digital wish list

·         Your wish list will automatically be set to private, but when you’re ready to start sharing your list with friends & family, simply visit your wish list page & set your list to public

·         Copy & paste your shareable link in to e-mail, e-vites, holiday card designs, or share directly to social media; friends & family will be able to view & purchase items directly from your public list, with delivery to the address of your choice

Start browsing our fall collection today & don’t forget to add your favorite styles to your new wish list!

Who won Sydney Stone Grey?

Congratulations to Helen Tan!  She has won a one-of-a-kind pair of Grip 'n' Go's: Sydney Stone Grey!

"The shoes look comfortable. And the grey color is my favorite for baby items, looking elegant, chic and gender neutral. These will be THE everyday sandals for my little one!"

We loved reading all your comments about the shoes, and all the love for the color grey!

Here's other great comments we've seen--even a poem:

Darlisha B.

"I love the grey option, especially since our toddler doesn't wear a ton of pink, which is the color most girl sandals come in. This grey would be complimentary to the greens, blues, yellows, and oranges that fill our baby's closet. We would definitely purchase shoes in this color. Please please make a pair of Mary Jane's in this shade!"

Karen C.P.

Hi Sydney Stone Grey! 

You will surely make little Adrian's day

So come home with us ok?

And then we can play all day...

Margarita R.

"This  is a classic color and style that should be revisited as it is gender neutral and can go with any outfit. The only thing that woukd make this even better, would be, a darker sole. It would making the shoe look more pristine longer as little ones can get up to a lot in these shoes."

We can't wait to go back into the Designer Closet and hear from you guys again !

pediped Cares

We’ve seen hurricanes, fires, and now earthquakes upend the lives of millions around the globe.  Knowing that many families were displaced from their homes, we spent some time finding great organizations (from individuals to larger operations) to help distribute shoes for kids on our customers’ behalf.  

We want to thank the following organization for helping us get your donations to those in need:

Zappos | Baby2Baby | Victory Christian Center | The Motherhood Center | Walking Tots | Goddard School | @issarocks + More!

We hope that these would help, even in a small way, while everyone recovers and rebuilds.

If you want to find more ways to help around the world, we gathered a list of top organizations that provide assistance to victims of natural disasters. Click on the links below to learn more.

Heart to Heart International – Medical Relief for Natural Disasters
UNICEF  - Disaster Relief for the Caribbean countries affects by Irma & Maria, and the Mexico City Earthquake
Heart of Florida United Way – Local Relief for Florida
Donors Choose – Hurricane Harvey Relief for Classrooms
Unidos – Hurricane relief fund for Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico
Project Paz – Mexico earthquake relief
Save the Children – South Asia Floods Children’s Relief Fund
JustGiving – Dominica Relief Fund

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

Designer's Closet Giveaway: Grip 'n' Go Sydney Stone Grey

It’s our third designer closet giveaway and this time, we’ve pulled out a great Grip ‘n’ Go style that was cut from our lineup. 
This is Sydney Stone Grey:

These one-of-a-kind sandals will pair perfectly with almost any outfit with their sleek look and neutral color. The memory foam footbed is a cozy resting spot for little toes and the upper is 100% high quality leather.

"Sydney Stone Grey was an option we tried, and while it came out looking very nice, we decided to go with the more popular Navy combo." - Jenevieve F., pediped footwear designer

Did we make a mistake by not including grey along with navy in the spring line?  Would you like to see more shoes in this grey color?

You can win the only pair of Sydney Stone Grey in size EU20 by commenting and letting us know what you think!

Valid of US Residents only. No purchase necessary to Enter or Win. Must comment on this blog post to be considered to win one (1) pair of Grip 'n' Go Sydney Stone Greyin size EU20. Winner will be contacted via comment reply & e-mail. Winner will be announced Saturday, September 30, 2017. No returns or exchanges.

Why did we cut a shoe in half?

Designed with casual fashion in mind with no compromises in pediped quality, some of our new street sole styles have arrived (with more on their way)!

From construction to materials and having a low drop for a barefoot feel, they'll benefit your little ones far beyond their great casual looks.  These stylish new additions may surprise you with how different they are from other brands, and if you need to see to believe it--we cut these shoes in half to show you!  

Quite the difference, right?

All our street soles also feature the Flex Fit System, and many are machine washable and vegan!

We feel like we've made the step in the right direction with our new street soles.  What do you think?

Introducing Dani - Designer Highlights

Say hello to our newest Flex style Dani!  With a durable rubber sole, eye-catching color options, and a perfect fit, we know your little ones will love this fun addition to the pediped® family!   

Check out Dani in 4 different colorways!
(Top: Black, Dusty Rose Botton: Earth, Navy // Click to Product Page)

For our new line of street styles, we started completely from scratch, even designing a new outsole. Our new soles feature a 100% rubber outsole, a woven midsole for flexibility, and a foam cushion lined footbed. Our Street Soles were designed to look like popular, vulcanized soles, but with improved durability and protection.

Dani may be the first arrival, but don’t forget to keep an eye out for Barbara, Logan, and Eclipse who are coming soon!
Wait until you see the other colors!

What do you think of Dani and our new Street Soles? Let us know in the comments!

What happened to the bear?

If you've been with pediped® since we began--you may have noticed a few changes!  

This was our first logo when we were known as PediPeds, used in our first catalog for spring 2005 and the first appearance of "Barry"--the bear!

Not long after (the next season, actually), we evolved into this, choosing our signature, gender-neutral purple.  At the time, not many companies used purple, so we loved its uniqueness.

Finally in 2009 and 2010, we arrived at the logos you all know.  As we moved on to selling more than the best baby shoes ever, and started making shoes for toddlers and big kids, Angela struggled with the idea of letting Barry go.  She soon realized that as the brand had evolved, so did the logo.

Which logo did you start with?  Do you miss Barry?

Baby's First Shoe

Whether you’re a new mom or buying a baby shower gift, there can be a surprising amount of research and thought needed before you pick out the right one! Below are important factors to consider when selection proper footwear:

Is Barefoot Best?

It’s suggested that barefoot is better for babies learning how to walk. They can curl and grip their toes on the ground as they build the strength of the foot and arch.  However, when barefoot isn’t practical—when it’s too hot, or cold, or if you just want to keep baby's feet protected, shoes are the way to go!

The Originals® Difference

The soft, flexible soles of Originals® are recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists because they allow children to closely mimic barefoot walking. Not only is the all natural leather sole on Originals® incredibly flexible, but it also features a diamond tread to provide slip resistance. Originals® are made of the highest quality leather on the market and they also feature a soft foam insert between leather layers. pediped�� Originals are the best first shoe ever and ideal for infants and children learning to walk so they can feel and grip the floor. 

Fit is Key

70% of foot problems come from improper footwear or ill-fitting shoes, which can impede a baby’s ability to perform typical gross motor movements and, of course, can be very uncomfortable. While it may seem like it’s too big, room in the toe box is important for the toes to have the proper space to move comfortably in Originals® genuine leather soles! Keep in mind that baby's feet grow in spurts and often require new shoes every three to six months. 

Looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower?

Check out these Gift Boxes!


Big congratulations to David on winning the one-of-a-kind Flex Rolands in Clay/Apricot for our second Designer Closet Giveaway!

"I am a Daddy of two sons. I guess mostly moms are interested in comments.  :  )
We love Rolands Shoes. The colors are beautifully juxtaposed by Autumn colors. Very well layered by orange, light brown and dark brown. Particularly, the use of two different colored shoe laces is stunning. If it is used with one color, the shoes would be little monotonous. Most of all, the red highlighted (P) embodies not only Pediped but also fruit in the fall season. This idea of using red color was creative. Then, the red stitches on the heel make this shoe more not machine made but human made item. Like more human and environmental friendly shoes.

I strongly recommend this shoe!! I wish you have an adult one.
Yes!! My kid is ready for this shoes.  This coming fall, let's go hiking with daddy. 
Mommy needs a rest! : )"

We can't wait for you to receive them--and we seriously appreciate everyone else's comments on them!

Keep an eye out on this blog--we have even more one-of-a-kind shoes to pull out from the Designer's Closet!  What kind of shoes would you wanna see come out of hiding next?