Giveaway / Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Congratulations to Helen Tan!  She has won a one-of-a-kind pair of Grip ‘n’ Go’s: Sydney Stone Grey!

“The shoes look comfortable. And the grey color is my favorite for baby items, looking elegant, chic and gender neutral. These will be THE everyday sandals for my little one!”

We loved reading all your comments about the shoes, and all the love for the color grey!

Here’s other great comments we’ve seen–even a poem:

Darlisha B.

“I love the grey option, especially since our toddler doesn’t wear a ton of pink, which is the color most girl sandals come in. This grey would be complimentary to the greens, blues, yellows, and oranges that fill our baby’s closet. We would definitely purchase shoes in this color. Please please make a pair of Mary Jane’s in this shade!”

Karen C.P.

Hi Sydney Stone Grey!

You will surely make little Adrian’s day

So come home with us ok?

And then we can play all day…

Margarita R.

“This  is a classic color and style that should be revisited as it is gender neutral and can go with any outfit. The only thing that woukd make this even better, would be, a darker sole. It would making the shoe look more pristine longer as little ones can get up to a lot in these shoes.”

We can’t wait to go back into the Designer Closet and hear from you guys again !

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