Build the Best Easter Basket for Toddlers

Activities, Giveaway / Thursday, March 11th, 2021

Our master basket-makers at the pediped® headquarters are here with the 101 on building the best Easter basket for toddlers (and adults, too)! Find our foolproof steps to building Pinterest-worthy DIY Easter baskets!

To start, it helps to think about WHO your basket is for…your little ones, friends, family or neighbors? This will help determine what kind of basket and stuffing items you will need! Easter baskets are a sweet gift to celebrate the spring season. Make sure to use a lot of color and sweet favorites! It’s such a fun way to brighten someone else’s day!

Prep / Presents / Props


Are you traditional, or wild and whimsy?! Maybe a little more modern and want to try a metal bucket this year, instead of using a traditional Basket?! Fun part is…it’s all up to you!

Easter Basket Options
There’s no wrong way to go here, choose a basket that makes you happy!



Chocolate doesn’t have to be your only go-to for fun stuffing ideas to build the best Easter basket for toddlers! Instead, include fun toys that’ll last a lot longer, like Hot Wheels, a set of colorful wood Bic Xtra Fun pencils (these are awesome), modeling clay, and chalk! In addition, another fun idea for a good laugh, check out the hilarious line of tiny head plush animals from Tiny Headed Kingdom. Trust us, your toddler will agree! The best gift of all…of course, are a pair of shoes from our award-winning children’s footwear line, pediped®! We have 50+ options for Baby, Toddlers and Big Kids…because you can drop their jaws with fun goodies that are practical, too!

Easter Basket Ideas
Lots of excitement without lots of sugar! Click to shop the Machine Washable Toddler style showcased: Dani Pink Carnation.


After presents, this is where your theme comes into play. For instance, are you going whimsical Springtime or jungle fun?! Similarly, we took a whimsy approach with this basket and picked up some pretty faux florals, a fluffy chick sporting a pair of adorable bunny ears, Easter Eggs, Easter “grass”, wired rope, and I always love to add a few pieces of faux grass for a fantasy feel that brings the outside, in!

Easter Basket Prop Ideas

Pro Tip:
  1. Pick flowers you like, so you can use them around the house!
  2. Use heavy duty tape to cover up the ends of the flowers, this will ensure that little fingers don’t get hurt as they are digging through their basket!


Step 1: Build your Foundation

First, fill the basket with crumbled up magazine or newspapers. I like to put a small to medium size rock in the bottom to create a solid and sturdy foundation, then stuff with old magazine or newspaper. As a result, you will save on the amount of decorative “grass” needed! We painted our rock purple just for fun!

Easter Basket Foundation

Step 2: After that, Fill your basket with Easter “grass” and start with decorating your handle. Wired rope is the perfect tool to use to get the flowers to stay in place while still looking pretty!

It’s always fun to add a hang tag with the recipients name in stickers. Gives it that finished look!

Step 3: Starting with the largest items and working down to the smallest, fill the basket with your goodies! You can use tape or sticky dots to keep things in place, resulting in the best presentation, whether for your toddler or for your social media…we get it!

How To Build the Best Easter Basket
Load your basket starting with the tallest items and work towards the smallest.

Step 4: Fill in the gaps with props that push your basket into Pinterest power!

Cute props for Easter Baskets for toddlers
Leave your small props for last and use them to fill in the gaps.

Step 5: Do you have an item that is too large for the basket?! Use this as a fun opportunity to play a little scavenger hunt! Leave a note hidden in the basket and hide the larger item around the house! Even if they can’t read yet, it will still be fun for you to read the note aloud and play along! Don’t forget to leave a bit of Easter “grass” around the hidden gift, because the Easter Bunny definitely leaves Easter “grass” wherever he goes!

Tiny Headed Kingdom
Leave a clue in the basket and hide your larger item around the house, like this Tiny Headed Kingdom plush!
Be the next Dr. Seuss and have fun coming up with a clever clue to get your child thinking!

And Voila! You have yourself a sturdy and beautiful Easter Basket for your toddlers with exquisite presentation, don’t be sad when it’s destroyed in seconds! Make sure you snap that picture before they get a hold of your beautiful basket, AND many more pics of them diving in for fun!

Check out the below baskets for more ideas and remember, a simple basket with a great pair of shoes is also an amazing gift for your nephews, nieces and neighbors!

Show us your Easter Basket Style by tagging us @pedipedFootwear on Instagram for the chance to be featured!

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