A Special Holiday Collaboration

Announcements / Friday, October 7th, 2022

Holiday Collaboration 

A Special Holiday Collaboration Collection curated for a luxurious winter season featuring work by renowned artist Katie Rodgers. Combining forces with Katie’s whimsical world of pastels led us to create a cool yet chic capsule collection for this holiday season!

A note from the Artist:

“Creating a print for pediped’s holiday shoe line began with an exploration of patterns from nature. I wanted to create something that felt calm while also feeling happy and childlike, which led me to shapes from ginkgo and clover leaves. There is a playful essence to them that I love (especially in how ginkgo leaves fall from trees)! Building these shapes by hand in pastel and acrylic paint, I began to build various color combinations that complimented each other in a vibrant way. A mix of pale sage greens and muted magentas to give a subtle holiday touch in a non traditional way. ” -Katie Rodgers

Katie Rodgers

Our First Ever Product Collaboration

After Katie finalized her beautiful artwork, we experimented with printing on various materials such as velvet and different leather textures. As a result, we fell in love with the luxurious yet cozy vibe the buttery soft velvet gave us. It was a no-brainer to proceed with velvet as the base material. Mixing velvet with fluffy faux fur, warm fleece, and metallic leather gave us all the stylish and comfortable benefits you expect from pediped®! This unique Holiday Collaboration collection features five styles for newborns through big kids. A special matching moment awaits your little ones this holiday season!

Lux, Cozy and Comfy styles to choose from for baby to big kids! From fan-favorite high-top Style Logan for big kids all the way down to our Rosa bootie for babies, there is a silhouette option for every kind of child! On the sassy side? Opt for one of the faux fur bootie options for babies and Toddlers. Rough and ready for the playground? Choose Logan or our double-strap Avery for dressy yet durable options! Looking for a sweet touch to tidy up their holiday fits this year? You can’t go wrong with our classic Betty mary jane with a scalloped edge! A little something for everyone, from newborns to big kids!

Holiday Collaboration CollectionNothing quite like a pair of chubby baby legs in knee high socks and velvet booties…little cutie is Ready for all of the photos coming this holiday season!

Style Featured: Originals Rosa Winter Floral

Toddler Shoes

Holiday Collaboration

The sample fabric, as shown above, is an ombre colorway we tested out! Undeniably beautiful, we decided to make special pencil cases with this material! Keep your eye’s peeled for ways to win one of these limited edition pencil cases on our Instagram @pedipedFootwear

Holiday collaboration
@lindseyleeandco showing off our adorable ombre pencil case!

Our Holiday Collaboration Collection

Logan Winter Floral typically fits children between 12 months to about 10 years old.


holiday collaboration
Avery Winter Floral typically fits children between 12 months to about 10 years old.
Betty Winter Floral typically fits children between 6 months to about 3 years old.
holiday collaboration
Grip ‘N’ Go Rosa Winter Floral typically fits children between 6 months to about 3 years old.


Originals Rosa Winter Floral fits newborns to about 24 months old.


Holiday Collaboration
Style Featured: Flex Logan Winter Floral
Holiday Collaboration
Style Featured: Flex Avery Winter Floral
Holiday Collaboration
Style Featured: Originals Rosa Winter Floral

Be sure to visit our site to shop our First-Ever product collaboration with pastel artist, Katie Rodgers! Go show @KatieRodgers some love with a follow and check out her other amazing artwork on her website!

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Holiday Collaboration