What happened to the bear?

If you've been with pediped® since we began--you may have noticed a few changes!  

This was our first logo when we were known as PediPeds, used in our first catalog for spring 2005 and the first appearance of "Barry"--the bear!

Not long after (the next season, actually), we evolved into this, choosing our signature, gender-neutral purple.  At the time, not many companies used purple, so we loved its uniqueness.

Finally in 2009 and 2010, we arrived at the logos you all know.  As we moved on to selling more than the best baby shoes ever, and started making shoes for toddlers and big kids, Angela struggled with the idea of letting Barry go.  She soon realized that as the brand had evolved, so did the logo.

Which logo did you start with?  Do you miss Barry?

pediped's Story: Orginals

pediped® footwear was founded in 2005 by Angela and Brian Edgeworth. After their first daughter Caroline was born, Angela started to do a lot of thinking about footwear and the kind of shoes that would be best for her child. She wanted a shoe that was comfortable and stylish and that could be worn both indoors and out. Most importantly, she wanted a shoe that was healthy for her daughter’s feet.

Some of our very early boys' Originals®

After doing a lot of research, Angela discovered that doctors recommended barefoot walking or soft leather sole shoes, but the choices for infants and toddlers were limited. That is when Angela and her husband Brian decided to create the perfect shoe, which would be the "next best thing to bare feet”.

Some of our very early girls' Originals®

Angela and Brian designed a few styles and approached a local store in Santa Monica called Pump Station and asked if they would be interested in carrying them—and they said yes!  They grew quickly from 0 stores to carrying pediped® to more than 4000!

Angela and her daughters as seen in our Spring/Summer 2006 catalog

When did you get your first pediped® Originals? Is there an old style you haven't seen in a while that you miss??
Let us know in the comments!