From the Designer's Closet: A One-of-a-Kind Giveaway!

Our really great shoes make their way from design to sample and finally into production, but sometimes even a few of our team’s favorites don’t make it all the way to the end.

As part of our official launch to Heart & Sole, the official pediped Blog, we’re starting our first giveaway of these one-of-a-kind designs that have been locked away in our Designer Closet. These shoes only had a single pair made and have never been sold on pediped or pediped Outlet!

Meet Gehrig Chocolate/Berry

Check out the sparkle textile upper! Get the glitter look without the mess!


“Gehrig Chocolate Berry colorway was nostalgic to us as a design team since it closely mimics one of our oldie but goodie styles; Dierdre. Unfortunately, we can't include ALL of the creations we develop in production... We thought someone just as unique as this ONE of a kind pair would love to own them.”

- Jenevieve F. | Designer
(pictured left)

We’ll be periodically bringing out more one-of-a-kind pairs of shoes like Gehrig Chocolate Berry and want to hear from you guys! Did we make a mistake by not putting it into production? What do you want to see more of?

Win these Gehrigs (size EU27) just by commenting and letting us know your thoughts!

Valid of US Residents only. No purchase necessary to Enter or Win. Must comment on this blog post to be considered to win one (1) pair of Gehrig Chocolate Berry in size EU27. Winner will be contacted via comment reply & e-mail. Winner will be announced Thursday, July 20, 2017. No returns or exchanges.

Comments (189) -

  • Meg LaVigne

    7/13/2017 8:43:54 AM |

    Oh man, these are super stylin' shoes and my granddaughter is all about the sparkle.

  • Randi Williams

    7/13/2017 9:25:15 AM |

    These shoes are beautiful, I'd wear them myself if they came in my size and my little munchkin will be super happy and excited to own these.

  • Kelly Vuong

    7/13/2017 10:01:46 AM |

    Pink and brown is just about my absolute favorite color combination, and my daughter is drawn to anything with some sparkle!  She would wear these shoes into the ground. But I know she'd probably out grow them 1st because pedipeds are such great quality!

  • Michele Gallagher

    7/13/2017 10:20:19 AM |

    These are adorable!! I would love to see them on my little girl!

  • April Sun

    7/13/2017 10:23:31 AM |

    We love Gehrigs! Got a pair of white/blue grip n go for my son and another purple flex for my daughter. They are so comfy and stylish and go with just about any outfit - Love them! Can't get enough of them!!

  • Stephanie Phelps

    7/13/2017 10:25:07 AM |

    What adorable shoes and they are all so well made! I know Paisley loves all her shoes we have gotten for her!

  • Natalie E. Cardenas

    7/13/2017 10:25:53 AM |

    I absolutely love these and would be perfect for Violet especially for Fall weather in Chicago. It would go with just about everything.

  • Renee Morgan

    7/13/2017 10:28:49 AM |

    LOVE THEM and BOY DO I NEED THEM!  Vacation coming up.....

  • Dani

    7/13/2017 10:30:50 AM |

    This is a fantastic color combination with just enough glitz. The munchkin loves pink and glittery!

  • jana moseley

    7/13/2017 10:33:39 AM |

    Perfect for my granddaughter!

  • Karen Dorcey

    7/13/2017 10:36:24 AM |

    My niece would love these super styling kicks!

  • Danielle Bell

    7/13/2017 10:38:54 AM |

    These are gorgeous! My daughter loves anything that sparkles!!

  • Cecilia Martinez

    7/13/2017 10:39:30 AM |

    Those are so cute!! Aryeli would love them.


    7/13/2017 10:42:25 AM |


  • Sharon Wills

    7/13/2017 10:42:33 AM |

    Love the brown, will be great for fall, with a bit of sparkle to make any girl happy.  Would love to see more sparkle and color combinations.

  • Nicole

    7/13/2017 10:43:33 AM |

    These are adorable! Great fall colors.

  • Sara Phillips

    7/13/2017 10:45:32 AM |

    I'd love to win these adorable shoes for my niece!

  • Melanie Hutchens

    7/13/2017 10:55:10 AM |

    Very cute, have not seen these anywhere, definitely originals

  • Laura Green

    7/13/2017 10:55:28 AM |

    Who doesn't need so sparkle in their life??? #Lovethemshoes

  • Deidre

    7/13/2017 10:55:34 AM |

    These shoes are precious! Would love to see some masculine designs as well!

  • Kate McConnell

    7/13/2017 10:57:18 AM |

    My little one would ROCK these shoes!  Love the combo of sparkle with a practical, high quality shoe.

  • niki ogilvie

    7/13/2017 11:00:36 AM |

    They are awesome!

  • mami2jcn

    7/13/2017 11:01:26 AM |

    I love the pink and brown color combination, and the sparkle makes them extra special!

  • Misty Anderson

    7/13/2017 11:01:49 AM |

    SUPER CUTE!! I love the durability of pediped as my daughter is not at all gentle on her shoes, lol. Plus she'll actually wear her pediped...without an argument, a miracle in otself!

  • Anna Hines

    7/13/2017 11:02:09 AM |

    We love glitter!  Especially if they're as comfy as it looks!  Too bad they didn't make it out, but there are so many other cute styles to choose from!

  • Matt Nolan

    7/13/2017 11:06:44 AM |

    I love all the Pediped designs. Keep up the great work!

  • Julia Golobokova

    7/13/2017 11:07:44 AM |

    These shoes are  adorable and super cute. It is such a great idea that you can have the glitter without the mess! They look very comfy. My little Victoria would absolutely love them!

  • Gina snyder

    7/13/2017 11:11:38 AM |

    They look super comfy and super cute!  Love the colours and glitter!

  • Latanya

    7/13/2017 11:11:41 AM |

    I love the glitter and different shades of pink.

  • Irene Johansen

    7/13/2017 11:12:25 AM |

    Pink and sparkles are my daughter's favourite!  Both my kids love wearing their Pediped shoes.

  • Liz Driscoll

    7/13/2017 11:12:55 AM |

    I love the pink sparkle! Super cute shoes.

  • vickie couturier

    7/13/2017 11:13:39 AM |

    these are so cute,love the style and the colors and easy to put on and off,,any of my grandkids would love to wear thease

  • Jennifer Zendejas

    7/13/2017 11:15:22 AM |

    What girl doesn't love sparkles!!! Love em!

  • Corrie

    7/13/2017 11:16:05 AM |

    I think they are super cute , whoever wins them will be super lucky and happy !

  • Waad Radhi

    7/13/2017 11:16:27 AM |

    I love your brand and since I had my two kids I became a loyal customer. These shoes look great and sparkly. My little princess loves her bling bling

  • Carol Quevedo

    7/13/2017 11:16:43 AM |

    These are adorable, I love the sparkle! ✨

  • Aaron

    7/13/2017 11:18:11 AM |

    So very stylish!

  • Naomi Flores

    7/13/2017 11:18:43 AM |

    We wiah you made more no-mess glitters options!  We love the glitter doesn't fall or scuff off.

  • Natalia Gorshenina

    7/13/2017 11:21:14 AM |

    These are so cute and they look so comfortable! I would love to win these and write a review and send you a picture of my daughter wearing them!

  • TS Squirrel

    7/13/2017 11:22:53 AM |

    These are awesome!

  • Dana Kuhnline

    7/13/2017 11:22:55 AM |

    Yes! Gehrig are my favorite these are perfect!

  • Lydia R

    7/13/2017 11:23:21 AM |

    Now that's what I'm talking about! Great style for girls!! I'd love to win these.

  • athina adelstein

    7/13/2017 11:23:31 AM |

    They are adorable, hope they are comfortable and durable too.

  • Crystal Wilder

    7/13/2017 11:24:16 AM |

    Love the color and style of these.  My niece would look adorable in these.  Wish my daughter still was in that size lol.  

  • Kati

    7/13/2017 11:24:53 AM |

    Those are precious! And would be fabulous for fall!

  • Chelsey L.

    7/13/2017 11:25:45 AM |

    These are super cute! My daughter would love the sparkles!

  • Sarah Bridge

    7/13/2017 11:26:50 AM |

    Old school, functional, comfortable and sparkly...what more could a girl want!

  • Yvonne Galindo

    7/13/2017 11:27:15 AM |

    Cute as a button for a little special someone....

  • heather padilla

    7/13/2017 11:29:05 AM |

    Really cute, would wear these myselfSmile

  • Tere B.

    7/13/2017 11:32:11 AM |

    These are perfect for Fall for my little fashionista!!

  • LeAnn Harbert

    7/13/2017 11:32:19 AM |

    My granddaughter would love to have these sparkly shoes

  • Maria R

    7/13/2017 11:33:48 AM |

    The color combo looks great.  My darling Rose would love to show off these shoes

  • Laura Martin

    7/13/2017 11:34:05 AM |

    I really like the pink/brown combo! These would look great on my daughter this fall. Would love to see more no-mess glitter shoes Smile

  • Priscilla Limardo

    7/13/2017 11:38:27 AM |

    Love the color combo and pediped shoes! I would love these for my little girl.

  • Suzanne K

    7/13/2017 11:40:45 AM |

    These are adorable! My daughter would be so excited for a sparkly pair of new shoes! Good luck to all!

  • Liliana Montemayor

    7/13/2017 11:42:42 AM |

    They are too cute!!! Love the colors!! My little Mia would love them!!

  • Ma Cecilia Sanchez

    7/13/2017 11:44:12 AM |

    Can't go wrong with the pink and brown combination...and sparkles? This will surely be my daughter's new favorite shoes.


    7/13/2017 11:49:55 AM |

    LOVE when the glitter is contained!

  • Laurie P

    7/13/2017 11:51:54 AM |

    That's one fantastic colorway!  Well done team!

  • Juley

    7/13/2017 11:52:49 AM |

    Beautiful shoe.  Love the double Velcro.   Very fashionable.  A definite show for my daughter.  

  • Beth Patterson

    7/13/2017 11:53:16 AM |

    Very cute!

  • Anel

    7/13/2017 11:53:48 AM |

    These are fabulous! I love that they make a great fashion statement , but are comfortable and great! I would love these for my niece!

  • Olga

    7/13/2017 11:56:43 AM |

    I love these shoes. Love the style and the color. So stylish. Would love to win for my kiddo.

  • Anna McBride

    7/13/2017 11:57:26 AM |

    These are really cute!  My girls love pinks and purples. This would be perfect for my little one who starts preschool next month.

  • Liam Jameson

    7/13/2017 11:58:39 AM |

    Really cute and original - a good example of what makes pediped so special. If these terrific shoes did not make production, the craft and skill of designers is well apparent!

  • Erica Smith

    7/13/2017 11:59:31 AM |

    Love these shoes and all the pediped designs!  My daughter lives in them and has been since she started walking!

  • Jamie Adkins

    7/13/2017 12:00:44 PM |

    Those are adorable! I'm sure my little girl will agree!

  • Yenifer Rodas

    7/13/2017 12:03:25 PM |

    they look lovely!!!

  • Constanza

    7/13/2017 12:04:30 PM |

    I love these shoes! I live in Colombia and do anything to keep buying padiped for my little girl!!! she loves her shoes so much!

  • Kelly Martin

    7/13/2017 12:05:28 PM |

    Simple and stylish- my favorite. plus pink- my daughter's favorite!

  • Kelly

    7/13/2017 12:09:13 PM |

    These are the perfect fall, back to school shoe, or in my daughter's case, first day of school shoe Smile Besides, what little girl doesn't love a sparkly shoe?

  • Dana Dixon

    7/13/2017 12:13:50 PM |

    Absolutely adorable!! One of my favorite color combos. Would look super cute on my daughter Smile

  • evogie

    7/13/2017 12:19:24 PM |

    These are adorable, the style and the color combinations are great.! My daughter would love these!

  • Lilly Diuric

    7/13/2017 12:20:17 PM |

    So cute!!! My daughter would love them!  Love love the sparkles!

  • Lilly Diuric

    7/13/2017 12:20:38 PM |

    So cute!!! My daughter would love them!  Love love the sparkles!

  • Francine Long

    7/13/2017 12:22:43 PM |

    It would be amazing to win a pair that are truly one of a kind!  Thanks for the opportunity to win these adorable shoes.

  • Kimberly Moore Messina

    7/13/2017 12:25:42 PM |

    Gehrig Brown Berry colorway REALLY DOES closely mimic the Dierdre!
    Thanks Jenevieve, for designing such ADORABLE shoes! Thanks for the opportunity to WIN these! 💝👍👏👣

  • Heather M

    7/13/2017 12:27:35 PM |

    Gorgeous shoes for fall!

  • Kelsey Vinson

    7/13/2017 12:30:08 PM |

    Love this color combo! And the name is perfect! My little lady would love to rock these.

  • Charity

    7/13/2017 12:32:10 PM |

    The color combination of these shoes are amazing. That with the pediped fit and comfort is a win win. Can't wait to try them out.

  • Brandy

    7/13/2017 12:33:07 PM |

    These are the perfect pair of shoes to add a little sparkle to everyday! Great combo.

  • Morgan

    7/13/2017 12:36:13 PM |

    What cute shoes!  I would love to win these!  

  • Katrina B

    7/13/2017 12:37:21 PM |

    I think they are super cute!  My daughter would totally rock those!

  • Julianne

    7/13/2017 12:43:43 PM |

    These are so cute!!  I wish they made it all the way to production.   They're sporty like a tennis shoe but stylish to wear with skirts and dresses.  I would like to see more shoes like this.  When I buy your shoes, they're distinctly a Mary Jane or distinctly a tennis shoe. But when I look at this shoe, like I previously said, it looks like it's an all-around shoe.  The size would fit my daughter and hope I win them for her.

  • Meghan

    7/13/2017 12:49:17 PM |

    Soooo cute, we have 3 beautiful girls (2yr, 3yr, 4yrs old)....imagine we would get great use of those adorable SPARKLES!

  • Kayla

    7/13/2017 12:50:54 PM |

    So cute! Sporty and stylish.

  • Natalie

    7/13/2017 12:54:23 PM |

    These are super cute! I would love them for my daughter!

  • Nancy Newbury

    7/13/2017 12:55:42 PM |

    Perfect Fall school for my preschooler granddaughter! She'd love them! So would her parents!

  • Bo

    7/13/2017 12:55:45 PM |

    These are adorable!  I love the sparkles!

  • Emily W

    7/13/2017 1:00:00 PM |

    Wow! I love the color combo and a pretty Rose color for my pretty Rose 😊 My kids feet only go in pedipeds!!

  • Amanda Einck

    7/13/2017 1:01:29 PM |

    My little girl just had major skull surgery and she would love some comfy shoes to cruise the ICU in style!

  • Teresa

    7/13/2017 1:03:11 PM |

    I love these for my granddaughter about to start school. She would love them.  

  • Vanessa

    7/13/2017 1:13:17 PM |

    Love the pink / brown/ purple combination. The sparkle just makes them even more adorable.

  • Tracy

    7/13/2017 1:14:09 PM |

    I love Pediped! These are the only shoes that dont hurt my daughter's little feet... And they are pretty as well!! (Size 25)

  • TM

    7/13/2017 1:18:36 PM |

    Why those didnt make it to production? They're so cute!

  • Rija

    7/13/2017 1:27:36 PM |

    These are so cute and I would love to win for my princess ! I know she would be comfortable and stylish which is also very important Smile !

  • Nicole M

    7/13/2017 1:30:34 PM |

    Yes! The seven are super cute. I want more stable stay put sandals.

  • Nicole M

    7/13/2017 1:31:03 PM |

    Yes! These are super cute...etc...stupid autocorrect

  • Tiffany Blakey

    7/13/2017 1:33:04 PM |

    These are great! Awesome color combo!

  • Laura

    7/13/2017 1:36:12 PM |

    Pediped shoes are the only ones we buy for our kids. Such great quality and non-toxic materials, I recommend them to all my friends! These pink and brown ones are absolutely awesome . Thanks for the opportunity! Smile

  • Marie

    7/13/2017 1:38:13 PM |

    I definitely like the Gehrig Brown/Berry. It is girly but has brown to catch the dirt from the playground. Our 1 1/2 year old daughter would enjoy these in her size (21). Maybe your design team can come up with something similar for an upcoming collection.

  • Natalie

    7/13/2017 1:38:32 PM |

    These shoes are awesome! I love that they are one of a kind. I'm a huge Pediped supporter and love your shoes. I promise to tell everyone how awesome your shoes are if I win!!

  • Stephanie Steiner

    7/13/2017 1:41:17 PM |

    The shoes are so adorable!! My girls love pediped shoes, especially with glitter!

  • Amy

    7/13/2017 1:41:23 PM |

    My daughter would love those shoes!

  • Jeana

    7/13/2017 1:41:38 PM |

    Honest feedback on this pair: I think you made a good move. While I think the color mix is beautiful, the shoe wouldn't be the first pick of my little daughter. Here's why: the side view just sings as those colors meet and mix. However, the view from the top looking down is off-putting. Very heavy brown. The girl drawn to the side of the shoe with all the sparkles and color might not like them from the perspective of looking down at them while on her feet. Perhaps if the brown were a deep brownish purple?
    What do we love? We love the Sahara flex shoes. They are our go-to shoes for summer for our active, muddy kids. I love the Sarah mary jane shoe in Navy. We've not tried them but those lilac mini flex shoes look classic & adorable. We love the dark blue boys shoe you don't make any more... Mars? or something like that.  We love our outdoor rugged shoes in whatever loud or crazy colors the kids love. For our everyday shoes, I love having classic options with color schemes that can be used with clothes that are a bit dressier. At the rate kids grow out of shoes, it's nice to have an option for my toddler son (like those all-dark-blue mars shoes) that he can wear as running shoes, but can also wear with dress clothes.
    We adore pediped! Thank you for making great shoes!

  • Kristy Figueroa

    7/13/2017 1:55:52 PM |

    These are adorable sneakers! We <3 Pediped shoes!!

  • Irena

    7/13/2017 2:05:47 PM |

    Super cute! My Emma would love them!

  • Gina

    7/13/2017 2:07:11 PM |

    Cute shoes

  • Jessica R

    7/13/2017 2:11:18 PM |

    Pink & glitter is a win for my girls ;)

  • Terry Valentine

    7/13/2017 2:27:25 PM |

    So cute and just my grand daughter's size.

  • Jasmine Boyd

    7/13/2017 2:32:51 PM |

    These shoes are absolutely adorable! I love sparkly/shiny things but HATE getting little sparkles everywhere. What a great solution! My daughter's birthday is coming up next month and these would be perfect to give to her as they are the next size up from what she currently wears.

  • Joy Williams

    7/13/2017 2:32:53 PM |

    As a grandma, I love that my grandchildren have fun, comfortable and well made shoes.
    These  Gehrig Brown Berry shoes are adorable. Thank you Pediped.

  • Julia Kim

    7/13/2017 2:33:25 PM |

    We loooove glitter and everithibg pink Smile I'm sure they are comfortable too

  • Tara

    7/13/2017 2:35:05 PM |

    So cute!

  • Afton

    7/13/2017 2:47:20 PM |

    You guys know best, but I do love the sparkle fabric.

  • Barb Carlson

    7/13/2017 2:57:29 PM |

    well now these are beyond adorable! Thanks

  • Raquel churata

    7/13/2017 3:06:07 PM |

    They are one of a kind, it looks amazing  and stylish and since they are super comfortable , what more can a mother ask!!! Lovely shoes to dress with a dress or pants for every ocasión.

  • Paula

    7/13/2017 3:11:20 PM |

    Those are so cute! The colors are also reminiscent of the Dakota style we used to buy for our daughter - she would LOVE them! And, she's just graduated to a size 27, so perfect timing, too!

  • Christine

    7/13/2017 3:15:39 PM |

    I love those colors...make it a size 37 Smile

  • Sabrina Gilbert

    7/13/2017 3:17:16 PM |

    These are so cute!  My daughter would love them! I love the fact that they are sparkly without the glitter mess. I also like that they would match a lot of different outfits with the complimentary colors.  I'm a little bummed these didn't go into production. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Amanda Alvarado

    7/13/2017 3:44:43 PM |

    I love the no mess glittery sparkle that these have! Would love to see them in different color ways too!

  • wendy browne

    7/13/2017 3:58:15 PM |

    These are a beautiful fall shoe for a little girl. They look very flexible and fun! Maybe a black and silver or black and dark blue version for boys?

  • Darlene Comeaux

    7/13/2017 4:05:42 PM |

    Granddaughter would love these, too cute!

  • Donna James

    7/13/2017 4:12:20 PM |

    These would be great for my very active granddaughter.

  • Kimberly Pawlowski

    7/13/2017 4:20:03 PM |

    My daughter would LOVE these shoes! ♥ They are totally her style - lots of glittering sparkles and beautiful berry and milk chocolate hues all wrapped into a shoe!

  • Kristina Wise

    7/13/2017 4:31:34 PM |

    These are adorable and my daughter's favorite colors! And they sparkle! We would definitely buy them if you ever decide to release them!

  • Emily Villegas

    7/13/2017 4:33:51 PM |

    My daughter would love these sparkly beauties! She loves all of her PediPed shoes!

  • G S

    7/13/2017 4:36:41 PM |

    Just too cute!

  • Tami Vollenweider

    7/13/2017 4:39:11 PM |

    I love the colors!  They could go with anything!

  • Danilyn Smith

    7/13/2017 4:51:09 PM |

    Sparkles never grow old! They are the diamonds in our little girls eyes!! My daughter is so amused and inlove with sparkles!This shoe is so adorable and at the same time it looks comfortable too!!

  • Gina Tompkins

    7/13/2017 5:03:44 PM |


  • Angie Wolcanski

    7/13/2017 5:46:37 PM |

    Oh my gosh, these shoes are so beautiful & have so much sparkle! My little firecracker would love these!!

  • Courtney Schreiner

    7/13/2017 6:35:45 PM |

    Oh my goodness, those shoes are adorable!!  My little girl would love them, she loves sparkly everything Smile

  • Trenda Tillson

    7/13/2017 7:02:03 PM |

    So Cute! Love them and so would my daughter!!!

  • Danielle B.

    7/13/2017 7:11:23 PM |

    My niece would LOVE these!

  • Angela Mason

    7/13/2017 7:36:19 PM |

    I really, really, really  like these shoes . In fact I would want a pair for myself  so let me know how much money it would take to get a pair in my size. Funny how I just found out last weekend that my granddaughter loves shoes.  These would look amazing on her and they are her size!!  Thank you so very kindly for this amazing giveaway!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  • Denise

    7/13/2017 7:53:13 PM |

    I would have bought these shoes for both of my girls, 1 and 5!  Too many tennis shoes for girls are all sparkle and pastels. Since my girls live in sandals in the summer these would be perfect for their fall through spring outfits. They are cute, with a little sparkle, but I love that they are accented with a more neutral brown.

  • Katie matthies

    7/13/2017 7:58:13 PM |

    These shoes are adorable! Love he pediped function paired with the little bit of Sassy! Perfect for my girls!

  • jessica m

    7/13/2017 8:01:50 PM |

    These are cute!  I would love a pair for my girl!

  • Holly Doble

    7/13/2017 8:26:25 PM |

    Love the sparkle in the shoe

  • Sarah

    7/13/2017 8:31:48 PM |

    Beautiful shoes! I love them!

  • Christy M B

    7/13/2017 8:45:54 PM |

    I love these shoes for my daughter. The glitter is perfect and wish I could get a matching pair myself! I'd love to see a glitter rainbow option for shoes.

  • Jack B

    7/13/2017 8:46:34 PM |

    My wife would love these. The pink and brown combo is one of her favorites.

  • adriana

    7/13/2017 9:06:49 PM |

    they are cute,love the colors.

  • Carlene R.

    7/13/2017 9:43:33 PM |

    Super Cute Shoes !!!  I cannot wait to get a few pairs for my little girl.  She is just starting to walk and I would love to have a few pairs on hand for her in ascending sizes as she grows  ;)

  • Ellen King

    7/13/2017 9:54:24 PM |

    Adorable... I wish I could wear them.

  • Melissa C

    7/13/2017 10:13:32 PM |

    These are absolutely adorable and perfect for back to school. My daughter would love these and wear them everyday, they look incredibly comfortable.

  • Debbie Clauer

    7/14/2017 3:15:07 AM |

    Very cute!  Love the color combo and the glitter.

  • Melissa claas

    7/14/2017 3:49:19 AM |

    Way to dress up a casual shoe.
    Love them

  • Amanda D

    7/14/2017 4:17:00 AM |

    I wasn't sure about the combination until I saw them. They are so cute and the sparkle just adds to that!

  • Ashley Keinath

    7/14/2017 5:11:42 AM |

    Super cute!! I  would love them for my girl Lyla!

  • Chia Yuan Hou

    7/14/2017 5:22:46 AM |

    Love the design! They are super stylish and my daughter would love them!

  • Kelly

    7/14/2017 8:05:58 AM |

    Awesome. Pretty and playground friendly!

  • Debra Cain

    7/14/2017 9:10:39 AM |

    My granddaughter would loooooove these!!! She's only almost 4 weeks old but we already know she's all about the glitter!!

  • Patti Moran

    7/14/2017 9:12:51 AM |

    The sparkle flare is perfect but not over-the-top girly with the overlap of the brown.  The velcro straps are clutch and the purple soul helps match both black and brown-based outfits.  My little monster Cece would adore these.

  • Nicole Lasko

    7/14/2017 9:31:26 AM |

    My girls would love these! All that sparkle!

  • Clare Gilmore

    7/14/2017 9:56:12 AM |

    My daughter would love these and they're such great quality I can save them for my younger daughter.

  • melissa a.

    7/14/2017 10:23:54 AM |

    I think they are cute, and if I had a girl she would totally rock them! I like seeing more classic styles.

  • Eva Daniell

    7/14/2017 3:49:13 PM |

    I love the style and the comfort of the shoe

  • Nancy

    7/14/2017 6:52:49 PM |

    These are unique. I think you made the right choice!


    7/14/2017 7:30:28 PM |

    These are so cute, the style and color matches so well.

  • JJ Wong

    7/14/2017 10:33:20 PM |

    This pair of shoes look so comfortable. They also look so cute and so hip! My nieces would fight over them if I won.

  • alona y

    7/15/2017 2:08:42 AM |

    These are definitely adorable and something that my daughter would love to wear!

  • Liam Jameson

    7/15/2017 9:05:31 AM |

    These shoes are great. They would have been at the top of my list had they been released. We love pediped!

  • Katherine Williams

    7/15/2017 9:55:41 AM |

    I often find it difficult to find sneakers that are comfortable and stylish, but these are so cute!

  • Michelle Kelley

    7/15/2017 10:56:46 AM |

    These are so adorable  Smile I am so in love with the fact that they are unique and not just a cute everyday shoe. I love being  my own unique self

  • Susan Campbell

    7/15/2017 6:04:38 PM |

    My daughter is due with her first in October!!! These adorable shoes would be perfect for my new grandbaby!!

  • Carolsue

    7/15/2017 10:08:23 PM |

    Those are really cool shoes!  I love the colors and my daughter would love the sparkle!

  • Marci

    7/16/2017 11:36:24 AM |

    I would love to show these off!

  • Mayra G.

    7/16/2017 11:40:13 AM |

    Love the design and color choice for these shoes! We had the older design and absolutely enjoyed them! My oldest would love to have these ❤️

  • Elaine Low

    7/16/2017 6:47:10 PM |

    Simply adorable. My daughter is all for pink and sparkles! I would love to win this for her as she mostly gets hand-me-downs from her older sibling as Pediped shoes last a long time.

  • alaine

    7/16/2017 9:52:40 PM |

    I'd love these for my daughter

  • Serena

    7/17/2017 7:59:31 AM |

    I like this style and color combination.  I do agree that they are similar to Dierdre but they are still unique enough to not be confused.

  • Connie

    7/17/2017 11:01:57 AM |

    A great looking shoe!  My great granddaughter would love these. Pink is her favorite color and the purple sole is great as that's her second color choose. Pedipeds are the greatest shoes for kids for durability , design and comfortable fit.

  • Christina C.

    7/17/2017 6:47:09 PM |

    OMG the sparkle is so so so pretty! My Little girl would love this.

  • Dana Matthews

    7/17/2017 7:02:27 PM |

    Awesome looking shoes! Your new blog looks great!

  • Elicia P

    7/17/2017 8:18:02 PM |

    These are cute. They are not too girly and flashy. Too many times you see shoes that are flashy. There are girls/moms out there that want something subtle.


    7/17/2017 9:38:04 PM |

    These pair of grab and go Gehrig Chocolate/Berry are super cute! Personally, I am not too fond of brown color but this combination works just perfectly, with the touch of sparkles for all little girls! The model is specially great for the kids on the go, who are not ready to do laces yet!
    Kuddos to the designer, Jenevieve F. for her great taste! And please design some matching models for moms/daughters, and dads/sons!

  • chris mcpeters

    7/17/2017 11:28:31 PM |

    really cute would love to win


    7/18/2017 6:17:29 AM |

    So cool!

  • Maria Gal

    7/18/2017 7:12:14 AM |

    So cute, I like very much this style and I think Emily would love them very much❤

  • Jennifer

    7/18/2017 7:36:26 AM |

    These are perfect.

  • Dandi D

    7/18/2017 1:06:38 PM |

    I love the colors and I know my little girl would be thrilled with them!

  • Colleen

    7/19/2017 9:55:09 AM |

    Love them, so cute!

  • Susie K

    7/19/2017 11:55:45 AM |

    So excited to see these again!
    My lil granddaughter is wearing these right now;passed down from her big sister👍🏻👏🏻

  • Yolanda

    7/20/2017 3:55:14 AM |

    Absolutely love ❤️ these!! The perfect blend of the sporty girl look! Not over doing the glitter but putting enough to make this a wonderful girly pair of play shoes!

  • Lesly F

    7/20/2017 9:54:07 AM |

    Perfect  for my  daughter  sparkly and pink fingers crossed 🤗

  • Christine

    7/20/2017 11:50:22 AM |

    My daughter would love these! Super cute!

  • Janine Hwang

    7/26/2017 12:17:10 AM |

    Soooo cute! I love the color combination!

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