Introducing Dani - Designer Highlights

Say hello to our newest Flex style Dani!  With a durable rubber sole, eye-catching color options, and a perfect fit, we know your little ones will love this fun addition to the pediped® family!   

Check out Dani in 4 different colorways!
(Top: Black, Dusty Rose Botton: Earth, Navy // Click to Product Page)

For our new line of street styles, we started completely from scratch, even designing a new outsole. Our new soles feature a 100% rubber outsole, a woven midsole for flexibility, and a foam cushion lined footbed. Our Street Soles were designed to look like popular, vulcanized soles, but with improved durability and protection.

Dani may be the first arrival, but don’t forget to keep an eye out for Barbara, Logan, and Eclipse who are coming soon!
Wait until you see the other colors!

What do you think of Dani and our new Street Soles? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Corey Reuwee

    8/30/2017 10:26:58 AM |

    Love the new styles!!  I like the all black Dani and would love to some two-tone pairs, like a pewter or any metallic color!  

  • Corey Reuwee

    8/30/2017 10:27:55 AM |

    Oops!  Love the Dani colors!  I think I meant the Barbara would be fun in a metallic color!

  • Richard from pediped!

    8/30/2017 10:28:33 AM |

    Great idea Corey!  

  • RK

    8/30/2017 10:29:59 AM |

    Love these - Dani - when will they be available in Sizes 34, 35, 36? Please!

  • Bub's Mum

    8/30/2017 11:08:26 AM |

    My little soon to be 3 year old tomorrow. Asked for only one thing for his birthday a pair of shoes in the Dani Style. Well two as he can't make his mind up between earth or navy. Out of all the things he loves, collectable cars, tricycle or bikes, he loves his Pediped shoes just as much. He loves getting the little catalog in the mail, the very good selection of not just colors but styles and the ease that he's been able to put them on himself correctly since he was in the Originals. These really do stand up to the competition fashion wise, my eleven year old daughter who wears a size 8 in women's gets  jealous because she loves the style of the girls wishes she could fit, but there at a price that even those of us like me that scrape to make sure our kids feet won't have to go through what ours has, plus I am so glad for the ability to size it up or down with the inserts for the perfect fit every day. I recall the days when my mom would stuff toilet tissue or newspaper into the ends of her dress shoes if I had to dress up for a school function, Painful and Mortifying lol. I would like to see and Jacob Maden too some more metallic colors pop up!

  • Maria

    8/31/2017 6:19:41 AM |

    Love new Dani style! I wonder if they are breathable ? I would suggest to have red color mixing with gold or black( navy) and purple color and the rubber part can be dark red( cherry red) because there are girls who at some point stoping to wear all  pinks but still not ready for all black shoes. Thank you.

  • Anne

    8/31/2017 9:54:15 AM |

    The product pages don't have a picture of the soles. Can we see them? I think these are EXACTLY what I was thinking about when I posted on one of your older blog pots. Something that could be dressy OR a sneaker. I just need to see the bottoms to make sure!

  • Richard from pediped

    8/31/2017 10:01:48 AM |

    Hey Anne!  I just updated the post with a picture of Dani's sole Smile

  • Benita

    9/8/2017 12:40:09 AM |

    We would like to buy these in the pink/gold in size 34 or size 35 but they seem to not be becoming available in those sizes??

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