Designer's Closet Giveaway: Grip 'n' Go Sydney Stone Grey

It’s our third designer closet giveaway and this time, we’ve pulled out a great Grip ‘n’ Go style that was cut from our lineup. 
This is Sydney Stone Grey:

These one-of-a-kind sandals will pair perfectly with almost any outfit with their sleek look and neutral color. The memory foam footbed is a cozy resting spot for little toes and the upper is 100% high quality leather.

"Sydney Stone Grey was an option we tried, and while it came out looking very nice, we decided to go with the more popular Navy combo." - Jenevieve F., pediped footwear designer

Did we make a mistake by not including grey along with navy in the spring line?  Would you like to see more shoes in this grey color?

You can win the only pair of Sydney Stone Grey in size EU20 by commenting and letting us know what you think!

Valid of US Residents only. No purchase necessary to Enter or Win. Must comment on this blog post to be considered to win one (1) pair of Grip 'n' Go Sydney Stone Greyin size EU20. Winner will be contacted via comment reply & e-mail. Winner will be announced Saturday, September 30, 2017. No returns or exchanges.

Comments (288) -

  • Athena Farrell

    9/22/2017 8:40:24 AM |

    These are adorable! Very versatile and classic yet comfortable for your little one.

  • Irene Johansen

    9/22/2017 8:51:31 AM |

    Loves the color! Looks like gender neutral. Both my kids love their Pediped shoes. Very comfortable.

  • Lesly f

    9/22/2017 9:32:25 AM |

    I love the style and the color is perfect for any Boy .Fingers crossed for my son😉

  • Gina Blades

    9/22/2017 9:57:31 AM |

    Grey is a versatile color.

  • Kathryn

    9/22/2017 9:58:59 AM |

    I love the grey so classic and goes with everything.

  • michelle Barry

    9/22/2017 10:14:27 AM |

    Yes. Grey is preferred because it pairs with everything as a more neutral than navy. Also, I'm willing to throw grey on a girl and navy sandals just scream boy to me.

  • cherice hodges

    9/22/2017 10:16:36 AM |

    Loving the color that can go with everything and they look great for my four year old daughter!

  • Meg LaVigne

    9/22/2017 10:17:40 AM |

    I an obsessed with this style and color but sensibly they look very easy for either of my grandkids to get on or off in a hurry

  • E Watanabe

    9/22/2017 10:20:41 AM |

    Love it! Hope pediped considers making the color available in other looks.

  • Mary Tolle

    9/22/2017 10:24:43 AM |

    They look comfortable and I like the way they look,I'm all for comfort and looks so you got my vote

  • Ashley Taylor

    9/22/2017 10:29:56 AM |

    I love the gray...I have 2 girls and always have gray/silver shoes for them. It's a nice neutral color!

  • Kelsey vinson

    9/22/2017 10:31:19 AM |

    Love these! Very versatile

  • Danielle Kowalski

    9/22/2017 10:31:33 AM |

    Grey is the most versatile color, and I love how these shoes are gender neutral. My daughter always ends up with my son's hand-me-down Pedipeds, so this would be a perfect pair for "their" collection.

  • Danielle Bell

    9/22/2017 10:31:36 AM |

    I think they are gorgeous, they look comfortable, and bendable for active little ones, They are stylish and cute!

  • Byron C

    9/22/2017 10:31:40 AM |

    My kids would be happy to have a new one of these!

  • Stacy Lutjemeyer

    9/22/2017 10:32:12 AM |

    I absolutely love gray.  It is the new neutral.  These do look as if they'd be gender neutral also.  I really think adding more gray shoes would be great.  I love pedipeds.  My 16 month girls has been walking in the originals so I am excited to start her on grip n go.

  • Erin McCarthy

    9/22/2017 10:32:43 AM |

    This is a nice update to a classic shoe. Love that the color goes with everything, and the grips add protection.

  • Mary

    9/22/2017 10:32:49 AM |

    Pediped is a high quality shoe for kids - no matter what color.  Do love the gray!   Granddaughter has several styles  of your shoes - so comfy.  

  • Lisa Wheaton

    9/22/2017 10:33:11 AM |

    I'd love to win!  ;o)

  • Maria Lee

    9/22/2017 10:34:05 AM |

    Perfect for hot Houston summers Smile

  • Christine Allie

    9/22/2017 10:35:29 AM |

    These are great, perfect for any outfit! Very "in" color.

  • Talia

    9/22/2017 10:35:51 AM |

    Absolutely perfect. I can picture little toes in there already.

  • meghan

    9/22/2017 10:38:10 AM |

    I love the grey.  It's such a timeless classic color and is perfectly gender neutral

  • Tahrin F

    9/22/2017 10:39:17 AM |

    Yes, please make more grey! Neutrality.. versatility... I love silver sparkles, don't get me wrong, but grey would be my go to.

  • Kelly Matthews

    9/22/2017 10:39:20 AM |

    These are a very stylish shoe!  I love this gray color, you should definitely include it in the line.  I would love to win a pair for my little man.  These shoes could go for an athletic look but also with the color and material they could be paired with a dressier outfit for a very dapper look.  These look so comfortable too with the memory foam and I like that the sole grips the floor.

  • Angela Van Dunk

    9/22/2017 10:41:15 AM |

    Love these!!  They look comfy and great for little toes.

  • Regina

    9/22/2017 10:42:06 AM |

    Style, comfort, and durability? What more can a kid and parent want in a shoe??

  • Samantha

    9/22/2017 10:44:09 AM |

    Love the grey. It'll go with everything!

  • Ashley Sapp

    9/22/2017 10:47:31 AM |

    I love this classic sandal! The color is so versatile! My daughter would look adorable in these.

  • Michelle Haider

    9/22/2017 10:47:35 AM |

    I gave a pair of red baby shoes away to my great niece and once they fit her, they were her shoe of choice.  Would love to see her in a larger new pair from her Great Michelle.

  • Ginny Norm

    9/22/2017 10:47:43 AM |

    I love Pedipeds! I love that these will go with anything and are good for my daughters feet!

  • C

    9/22/2017 10:48:58 AM |

    I actually love this grey.  Could work for boys or girls which makes it easy for siblings to "borrow" when they grow up!

  • Katie Gardner

    9/22/2017 10:51:05 AM |

    What cute shoes. It's so hard finding shoes for my daughter that aren't pink but also aren't too masculine. This strikes the perfect neutral balance!

  • Francine Long

    9/22/2017 10:51:39 AM |

    I love the Grey!  It is such a 'soft' color - and amazing in this shoe style also.

  • Ashley Oliver

    9/22/2017 10:51:44 AM |

    I love this style of shoe, allows the toes to breathe Smile Also the color is great for any wardrobe.

  • Veronica C

    9/22/2017 10:53:19 AM |

    Shades of grey are perfect for autumn! Smile

  • Maura J

    9/22/2017 10:54:15 AM |

    You have taken a great brand and made an even cuter shoe!  Gray is the perfect neutral (to me) and these are so easy for little hands to get on themselves Smile

  • Rebecca V.

    9/22/2017 10:56:19 AM |

    I love the grey! Super cute and practical shoes for summer.

  • Alicia Ross

    9/22/2017 10:58:58 AM |

    Like the look of the shoe also love the fact that either a boy or a girl could pull them off. Different colors would be wonderful  wish they had them in my size!


    9/22/2017 10:59:06 AM |

    Yes, bring grey back!  Very neutral, esp for girls!  Love this shoe!!!

  • Nicole

    9/22/2017 10:59:33 AM |

    I don't necessarily think you need MORE gray options but they're cute and different and I like them.  not sure why navy would go with a spring line, so, no.

  • Jin K.

    9/22/2017 11:02:02 AM |

    Love the versatility of the grey and perfect style for my son.

  • Michelle DeLeon

    9/22/2017 11:02:43 AM |

    I love the color and the style.  Navy would have been nice but grey is more practical for my little one.

  • Reychelle

    9/22/2017 11:02:57 AM |

    Looks simple and comfortable  yet stylish and elegant at the same time.

  • Latanya

    9/22/2017 11:03:38 AM |

    I like them. They are both little sporty and sandal like.

  • Carolynn Crawford

    9/22/2017 11:04:38 AM |

    I love these! They are just absolutely adorable! My niece would love them! Thank you for the opportunity!! 😁 ❤️😍

  • Ruben

    9/22/2017 11:05:06 AM |

    Wishing to try them... Smile

  • Caroline Merrill

    9/22/2017 11:06:33 AM |

    We love silver shoes in our house! They pair with all outfits and get lots of compliments. Smile

  • Julie An

    9/22/2017 11:07:19 AM |

    Love the color and sandals can be worn year round where we live. Love the cut and style.

  • Teresa Scarborough

    9/22/2017 11:07:20 AM |

    Love the gray color, I have a new grandson that would enjoy wearing these!

  • Tatiana Brandao

    9/22/2017 11:08:14 AM |

    Loved these shoes!! Grey should definitely gain more prominence in your lineup. It is sucha a great neutral color.

  • Kristin Villa

    9/22/2017 11:10:08 AM |

    LOVE this color!!! Must see more in this color 😍 Perfect with any outfit and it's my sons size!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼

  • Alisa Ezell

    9/22/2017 11:10:57 AM |

    I would love to see grey for this shoe, as grey is very versatile.  What a cute shoe!

  • vickie couturier

    9/22/2017 11:11:06 AM |

    i love them,,love the style and the colors,,and they are velcro   my little grandkids would love them

  • Laura Mohan

    9/22/2017 11:12:07 AM |

    Love this color, so cute!

  • Nicole Bernius

    9/22/2017 11:13:17 AM |

    My favorite color. Boys would live them too

  • Joseph Menard

    9/22/2017 11:17:47 AM |

    This is very nice.

  • Jenn Masters

    9/22/2017 11:17:51 AM |

    Love love love

  • mark teichman

    9/22/2017 11:18:25 AM |

    Looks very comfortable...

  • mark teichman

    9/22/2017 11:18:58 AM |

    Looks very comfortable

  • Daphne Kline

    9/22/2017 11:20:48 AM |

    Love the color of this shoe! Gender neutrals are my go-to when buying shoes. Pediped has such comfortable and long lasting shoes!

  • Vicki Corn

    9/22/2017 11:22:13 AM |

    I would love to have these for my granddaughter !

  • Bo

    9/22/2017 11:22:40 AM |

    The gray is a great neutral color!

  • Angelica Dimeo

    9/22/2017 11:25:09 AM |

    I think grey is a cute color for kids shoes

  • Helen Tan

    9/22/2017 11:25:16 AM |

    The shoes look comfortable. And the grey color is my favorite for baby items, looking elegant, chic and gender neutral. These will be THE everyday sandals for my little one!

  • Cindy

    9/22/2017 11:27:27 AM |

    These look adorable and very comfortable. I love the neutral gray!

  • Kelly Vuong

    9/22/2017 11:28:12 AM |

    I love how neutral this shoe is!  Perfect for wearing all the time!

  • Lindsey W

    9/22/2017 11:28:53 AM |

    Super cute!

  • Melissa

    9/22/2017 11:29:02 AM |

    I love the gray! I think it's gender neutral and goes with everything. I really never see gray shoes for kids.

  • Ira

    9/22/2017 11:31:29 AM |

    Great looking shoe! My little man would love them!

  • Tina

    9/22/2017 11:32:04 AM |

    I'd rather have gray as a great base color but would add a touch of a lively color to give it some edge.

  • Amanda

    9/22/2017 11:34:49 AM | look so comfy! Our girl would love to wear them!

  • Janie Whipple

    9/22/2017 11:35:18 AM |

    These are the perfect neutral color!  They look comfy too, wish they came in my size! We love PediPed!

  • Charmaine

    9/22/2017 11:35:21 AM |

    They look comfy and I like the gray colour!!

  • Adrienne

    9/22/2017 11:36:14 AM |

    I love the color but typically prefer white or navy for summer. There aren't many grey options for summer wear. I think it would do well and give more options for a versatile, neutral shoe.

  • Mary-anne montan

    9/22/2017 11:36:15 AM |

    These look comfortable looking...looks like you are walking on a cloud...

  • susan smoaks

    9/22/2017 11:38:41 AM |

    I think you have done an amazing job with these.  they are adorable and i would love them for our son.

  • Tiffany Beckett

    9/22/2017 11:39:23 AM |

    Shoe looks great! Comfortable and classic. I like the all gray color. Easy to match with outfits.

  • Barb Carlson

    9/22/2017 11:42:35 AM |

    Grey is such a great color!

  • Lynne

    9/22/2017 11:43:13 AM |

    Love pedipeds! Best shoe for learning to walk. And high quality in every size!

  • Marjorie Shaw

    9/22/2017 11:44:22 AM |

    Hard to chose between my two favorite colors. But grey is a neutral and appeals to girls just as much as boys.

  • Ashley Selland

    9/22/2017 11:44:22 AM |

    I love gray! It's definitely a great color choice. I do like navy the best, but I think gray would be a good option.

  • Charlene Lucas

    9/22/2017 11:45:14 AM |

    I love this new style of Pediped shoes!  Like all of your products they look very well constructed and look like they would give ample support for Callie's fat feet!

  • pamela j

    9/22/2017 11:45:59 AM |

    Cute, solid shoes that go with everything and everyone.

  • Kat

    9/22/2017 11:48:55 AM |

    Yes this colour is great to pair with different colour clothes!

  • Laura J

    9/22/2017 11:50:06 AM |

    I love pediped and how my kids can put them on themselves. The grey would go well with most if their clothes

  • Tina Courtway

    9/22/2017 11:50:11 AM |

    I love the color!  I think it's a versatile color for both male and female children. We really like the shoes at our house as they offer a great protectionat the same time of letting  children's feet grow strong naturally!

  • Thomas Johnson

    9/22/2017 11:52:20 AM |

    Easy to put on, a blessing

  • Laura Ramirez

    9/22/2017 11:54:39 AM |

    Love the gray and I've  been looking for high quality sandals like these for a while! Smile

  • Kim

    9/22/2017 11:55:50 AM |

    These are adorable!  My son loves his Pedipeds and now that baby girl is walking she'll be needing new shoes!

  • joe burba

    9/22/2017 11:59:56 AM |

    cool, interesting

  • Danielle Crooks

    9/22/2017 12:02:12 PM |

    Love the grey, it goes with anything and is perfectly unisex!

  • Sarah Garcia

    9/22/2017 12:04:07 PM |

    I love the gray color.  It's a nice neutral option, and I feel that it looks a more fresh and modern than beige.  

  • Colleen Payne Musser

    9/22/2017 12:05:58 PM |

    Love this color. You can wear it with anything.

  • Ben Glickman

    9/22/2017 12:07:33 PM |

    Another great-looking style!

  • Amanda D

    9/22/2017 12:08:22 PM |

    I love the grey and prefer these over navy! So cute!

  • Amy C

    9/22/2017 12:08:28 PM |

    These are cute!  Grey is a great color!

  • Amanda Parsley

    9/22/2017 12:08:34 PM |

    Grey goes great with everything!

  • Bethany Macomber

    9/22/2017 12:11:31 PM |

    Very cute and they look comfortable! I'd love to win!

  • Megan

    9/22/2017 12:11:56 PM |

    I love the double Velcro!

  • Sammi

    9/22/2017 12:13:05 PM |

    This grey shoes looks like good,but I was perfect more colorful shoes, multi color make more fun!

  • Rosa Ocampo

    9/22/2017 12:13:08 PM |

    My daughter had similar sandals and they were pretty, comfortable and dressy looking, but as they got older washing them was hard . I suggest adding washable easy to remove insoles.

  • Ivy Bedua

    9/22/2017 12:14:48 PM |

    Looks like a comfortable shoes for little ones!

  • Darlisha Barnes

    9/22/2017 12:15:31 PM |

    I love the grey option, especially since our toddler doesn't wear a ton of pink, which is the color most girl sandals come in. This grey would be complimentary to the greens, blues, yellows, and oranges that fill our baby's closet. We would definitely purchase shoes in this color. Please please make a pair of Mary Jane's in this shade!

  • melissa claas

    9/22/2017 12:16:44 PM |

    Love that it's gender neutral enough....

  • Khat

    9/22/2017 12:18:11 PM |

    I like grey because it goes with anything. Yes, it was a mistake to only include navy. The thing is, your marketing research & product performance must have surely informed your decision, prior to the release of the new shoe design. If you are having second thoughts, what can be done, now? Personally, for me, having a grey pair would match my elder daughter's pair, which would be nice. It will be interesting to see what will happen in future collections. Thanks for giving me a voice in this matter.

  • Heather Ward

    9/22/2017 12:21:48 PM |

    I love these sandals. I really like the gray color. It can be paired with a dressy or casual option and I like the Velcro closure.

  • Ray Boz on my wifee

    9/22/2017 12:28:31 PM |

    will look great

  • Barb Howe

    9/22/2017 12:28:43 PM |

    I think this color would go with several different color schemes.. Similar to black. I think it should be added.. Cute shoes!

  • Jan Lepori

    9/22/2017 12:29:10 PM |

    An amazing new color  and perfect for both little boys and girls.  The enclosed toe is wonderful for foot safety and also extends the sandle season from spring to fall.   Gray and charcoal colored shoes would be perfect for winter.  I love the comfort and quality of Pediped shoes for my granddaughter.

  • Ray Boze

    9/22/2017 12:29:21 PM |

    will look great on my wife

  • michelle

    9/22/2017 12:30:29 PM |

    i love these!  what a great color

  • Nick O

    9/22/2017 12:31:44 PM |

    Looks like a nice comfortable shoe for the little one.

  • Hannah

    9/22/2017 12:32:26 PM |

    Grey is such a light and neutral color. Would love to add it to our collection!

  • Fehby Delimarta

    9/22/2017 12:34:13 PM |

    Lovely color! And with the fishermen style it would be perfect for summer

  • Wendy Bussard

    9/22/2017 12:34:59 PM |

    I Love the color of these shoes!  They would go great with any outfit and any dirt and scuffs well!  Make more shoes in this color please!

  • Valerie

    9/22/2017 12:35:11 PM |

    These grey sandals are clay while also being comfy. Navy is popular, but including this grey in the lineup  would have appealed to different consumers because grey is a lot less common a color in toddler shoes, especially ones suitable for girls. My girl would love these grey closed toe sandals, and I would love that they would go with so many of her outfits.

  • Faisen Wong

    9/22/2017 12:35:15 PM |

    I love the grey color which is sleek and modern for both gender.  The material looks very comfortable for ever day wear. I cant' wait for my toddler to try it out.

  • Laura Martin

    9/22/2017 12:38:52 PM |

    I love these shoes! You should definitely make more shoe styles in this color. My daughter wears  more than enough pink as-is so I'd love some more neutral tones. This looks like a great unisex style.

  • Rebecca Inzana

    9/22/2017 12:39:33 PM |

    We love our versatile silver pediped Mary Janes, but would love gray options for more casual everyday!!!

  • Heather Jimenez

    9/22/2017 12:42:37 PM |

    Grey is the new tan. Gender neutral. Love these!

  • Beth Patterson

    9/22/2017 12:42:50 PM |

    Very cute!

  • Deidre M

    9/22/2017 12:43:43 PM |

    I adore the grey - gender neutral options are always nice since you can pass them down to friends with younger kiddos.

  • Lisa

    9/22/2017 12:44:13 PM |

    Love the gender neutral color. That means that the shoes can be passed down from my older daughter to son!!!

  • Meredith Mattson

    9/22/2017 12:45:58 PM |

    I love the grey!! It's a great neutral color that goes with everything!

  • Kellie

    9/22/2017 12:52:45 PM |

    I love the gray! It's gender neutral and goes with anything. 👍🏼

  • Teri Jamison

    9/22/2017 12:54:25 PM |

    Yes, please more grey!  My kids school colors are grey, black and burgundy and grey shoes are hard to find that hold up for everyday school wear.

  • dana dixon

    9/22/2017 12:54:32 PM |

    I need these in my little girl's collection! we love all things grey Smile

  • Amanda Medrano

    9/22/2017 12:58:28 PM |

    I love the overall look and design and the classic gray color that goes with so much!

  • Idalmi

    9/22/2017 1:00:06 PM |

    Yes! Love greys!!!!! Yes a thousand times for more greys. Pediped knows what they are doing. Love it.❤️

  • Kayla B

    9/22/2017 1:02:38 PM |

    Grey goes with everything! Love them!

  • Denise Ferguson

    9/22/2017 1:08:21 PM |

    Love the gray!

  • Karen Cecille Puentespina

    9/22/2017 1:09:33 PM |

    Hi Sydney Stone Grey!
    You will surely make little Adrian's day
    So come home with us ok?
    And then we can play all day...

  • Tammy Tavares

    9/22/2017 1:09:49 PM |

    So sweet. 22

  • Dana G

    9/22/2017 1:09:51 PM |

    love those! they go with everything.

  • Kate Garcia

    9/22/2017 1:11:22 PM |

    I am very into navy lately, so I would probably choose those over the grey, but these are very nice, too.

  • Andrea Morales

    9/22/2017 1:13:21 PM |

    Adorable, love the classic stone grey color!

  • Carol

    9/22/2017 1:16:02 PM |

    Love the grey!

  • Karen Catalanotti

    9/22/2017 1:17:08 PM |

    Grey is the new navy for kids. Love the color and style. Look so comfortable. Would love to see my granddaughter parading around in these. She loves her pedipeds.

  • Barbara Romero

    9/22/2017 1:20:35 PM |

    Love how simple the sandal looks, you can use it as a dress up sandal or a dress down shoe as well! Grey is a great color and can match anything

  • Sherry

    9/22/2017 1:24:12 PM |

    These would be great for next summer.

  • priscilla limardo

    9/22/2017 1:24:23 PM |

    Love this color! This color Definitely matches with a lot of outfits!

  • Lisa

    9/22/2017 1:24:24 PM |

    I love navy but grey is classic and goes with so much!

  • Sharon

    9/22/2017 1:28:15 PM |

    Love the shoe!  

  • Stella K.

    9/22/2017 1:29:09 PM |

    Oh, I love it's gender neutral color!

  • Chau

    9/22/2017 1:31:26 PM |

    Super cute and exactly my daughter's current size Smile

  • Nicole Jones

    9/22/2017 1:32:36 PM |

    great color! goes with everything, and i love the style 💕

  • Karter Keller

    9/22/2017 1:34:09 PM |

    The Sydney Stone Grey shoes look so comfortable yet so chic. They color gray is gender friendly, perfect for matching almost everything, & they look very sophisticated 👟 Good job pediped!!

  • Mary Harrell

    9/22/2017 1:38:32 PM |

    Gray is earthy.  I would buy gray shoes.

  • Florica Grigoras

    9/22/2017 1:40:34 PM |

    Lovely! My daughter loves her silver shoes with stars but her brother would not be too keen Smile These ones in gray would be perfect for him next summer! Well done, Pediped!Smile

  • Colleen Webster

    9/22/2017 1:44:08 PM |

    Love these shoes.  Grey is a neutral color that go with any outfit.

  • jenn h

    9/22/2017 1:46:43 PM |

    I love how simple and classic they are. The toe kicks are perfect for scuffy feet and perfectly neutral to pass on to younger siblings!

  • justin tan

    9/22/2017 1:48:59 PM |

    I love this gray! it's the same gray that we painted for our wall.  Gray is a beautiful color and it can be easily matched with other colors!!  

  • Molly Manson

    9/22/2017 1:57:46 PM |

    Great looking shoes !

  • Yichun Huang

    9/22/2017 1:59:48 PM |

    Love the decent color and the design of a combined function of sports shoes and sandals!

  • Shannon Schultze

    9/22/2017 2:00:25 PM |

    I love grey for my daughter, it is so easy to match!

  • Courtney H

    9/22/2017 2:06:56 PM |

    I love this grey for either girls or boys, I definitely think that you should make more grey shoes. Grey shoes and sandals are so versatile, perfect for every wardrobe.😃

  • Rachel

    9/22/2017 2:13:02 PM |

    We have navy, but I would love to see more gray! Super versatile and different from the usual colors!

  • Lien L

    9/22/2017 2:19:12 PM |

    Love this neutral style for girls or boys.

  • Travis L

    9/22/2017 2:20:01 PM |

    I love the classic style. They will look good on my daughter's feet!

  • Shirley

    9/22/2017 2:22:33 PM |

    Love the gray! Looks nicer than the navy- not as casual and will match with most everything.


    9/22/2017 2:28:35 PM |

    I would LOVE to win these for my baby girl. She is a beginning walker and I have recently been trying to find shoes that are approved by the podiatry association & are also stylish. I love the grey color and style of the shoe. I think it's a great idea to offer a variety of solid colors, especially neutrals such as grey. Praying we get these, but no matter who wins I think it's great that you're even offering up free shoes!

  • Marci

    9/22/2017 2:37:26 PM |

    These are so cute. I would love to wear these

  • Dan

    9/22/2017 2:43:26 PM |

    I would totally buy these! Can't believe they are not for sale

  • gail

    9/22/2017 2:50:50 PM |

    these are so cute and look comfortable

  • Dee

    9/22/2017 2:55:18 PM |

    My granddaughter has an ever expanding wardrobe of pedipeds. She is just 16 months, but she's been known to point out her pedipeds to unsuspecting passersby, to make sure they admire them too. Best made, best fitting shoes we've found.  

  • Desiree

    9/22/2017 2:55:24 PM |

    The designer did an outstanding job making a shoe so versatile for a child. Parents can dress them up or play wear in this design.

  • Rebecca Bishop

    9/22/2017 3:01:38 PM |

    These are perfection!

  • K Wes

    9/22/2017 3:09:43 PM |

    This is the new 'it' color in the shoe world! Fashionable, sensible & quality is what this style says.

  • kathy

    9/22/2017 3:09:43 PM |

    Gender neutral and can wear with any color~

  • Chiao

    9/22/2017 3:13:24 PM |

    Love it! Looks like it can be gender neutral. It would look great on the kiddies!!

  • Mallory D

    9/22/2017 3:21:34 PM |

    Love the grey!!

  • Marilyn Whitehead

    9/22/2017 3:26:36 PM |

    Grey would be a good fit for a Spring line. The color and style of this shoe is gender neutral, amounting to possible higher sales. Not to mention grey will coordinate with virtually any outfit.  So yes, more shoe styles in this grey color would be a good idea.

  • Judith Wyllie

    9/22/2017 3:28:25 PM |

    Grey is a fantastic neutral shade that looks clean and fresh with all colors.. Boys and girls can both wear this wonderful shoe.

  • Liliana D.

    9/22/2017 3:33:20 PM |

    They look so the color too! Memory foam footbed is what we are looking for in our shoes!

  • Jana chroust

    9/22/2017 3:41:25 PM |

    So in love! My baby is just starting to walk and i can not imagine her wearing any other shoe! Please we need these

  • Billie G.

    9/22/2017 3:46:19 PM |

    Delightfully neutral and perfect for a baby boy OR girl! <3

  • Erin Will

    9/22/2017 3:47:34 PM |

    These would be perfect for my rambunctious 4 year old! I love that they have a great durable sole and also the easy Velcro sides so he can get his shoes on himself.  Plus they just look so cool!

  • Dulce Finegold

    9/22/2017 3:58:09 PM |

    These are great for little feet that are learning to walk. My baby would love these as she's starting to pull up. They will give her the stability needed and are super cute.

  • ItsJusNik

    9/22/2017 4:04:36 PM |

    I love these!!
    To begin with, I'm a big fan of Grip n Go shoes, but I love the double Velcro and GRAY!!

    It's so nice to not always put my kids in PINK or BLUE!

  • Jenny Farrell

    9/22/2017 4:06:34 PM |

    I like these a lot. I would put my daughter in them. I loved pediped styles for my son, but I have to say I think most of the girl designs are too girly. We just don't wear pink and purple, and prefer more neutral colors for shoes so they go with everything. Silver, gold, white, black, browns, and tans are always what we buy! So these are great. Smile

  • Margarita Reddi

    9/22/2017 4:07:57 PM |

    This  is a classic color and style that should be revisited as it is gender neutral and can go with any outfit. The only thing that woukd make this even better, would be, a darker sole. It would making the shoe look more presitine longer as little ones can get up to a lot in these shoes.

  • Sarah Vito

    9/22/2017 4:14:01 PM |

    I absolutely love this color!

  • Miranda Welle

    9/22/2017 4:42:27 PM |

    I wouldn't call it a mistake, as you had some really adorable styles and colors available but it sure is a nice gray!

  • Vivian

    9/22/2017 4:49:17 PM |

    Love the grey and style!

  • Bingham Barbara

    9/22/2017 4:54:26 PM |

    Yes, I think you should've included the grey in the Spring line. It is a beautiful color that goes with everything and perfect for either a little boy or little girl. I like the light sole for spring.

  • Lyndi Lee

    9/22/2017 5:04:31 PM |

    The gray color would go with everything in the closet. I love the style. They could be dressed up or down. The only suggestion I would make would be to put a dark gray sole on the shoe. White soles don’t stay white for long with my two toddlers.

  • Aura Phung

    9/22/2017 5:07:23 PM |

    Completely agree with my fellow commenters. I'm love with this subtle tone of gray. Very versatile and compatible with almost any outfit. Thank you and I hope you guys bring this color back. Thanks for your great work!!!

  • Brittany Huffman

    9/22/2017 5:16:02 PM |

    Absolutely LOVE these shoes. My daughter just turned one and we already LOVE pedipeds. Grey goes with so many outfits these days. I LOVE the comfort in my daughters pedipeds since she is starting to walk now. Thank you Pediped!!!

  • Molly Crawford

    9/22/2017 5:23:06 PM |

    More shoes in grey! It matches everything and is gender neutral! Love them.

  • Agonzalez

    9/22/2017 5:24:50 PM |

    These are a great color! I would love to see more styles in this color. They are gender neutral and look very comfortable. My daughters love their pediped shoes! 😍

  • Erin K.

    9/22/2017 5:26:38 PM |

    I love these!  I especially love them because they are grey and go with everything. My baby boy would look so cute in them!

  • Lisa Campbell

    9/22/2017 5:36:51 PM |

    Love the grey!

  • Chen Borbely Meidan

    9/22/2017 5:56:22 PM |

    For some reason this style seems more boyish to me, but actually this color makes it perfect for a little girl too! I can definitely imagine a tiny walker in a fancy dress wearing this pair.
    Unrelated, but just to let you know that my son LOVES his pedipeds so much that I'm not even attempting any other shoe brand anymore. Simply no comparison in terms of quality and comfort!

  • Connie Tofte

    9/22/2017 5:58:20 PM |

    Love the grey.   It's neutral and classy!  Love to see more in this color.  We love pediped's.

  • kandace Hackett

    9/22/2017 6:24:20 PM |

    Simple, stylish, elegant

  • Marisol Ponce

    9/22/2017 6:24:49 PM |

    Honestly the colors are great 👍🏽, however, I would have to give it a 👎🏽 on the design.  


  • Stephanie Cuilty

    9/22/2017 6:37:07 PM |

    They are adorable!

  • Susan Campbell

    9/22/2017 6:47:20 PM |

    Pediped footwear is always the best quality, and these cute little shoes are just adorable!!!

  • Candace Galan

    9/22/2017 6:53:47 PM |

    Grey is my favorite color, love it!

  • Joy Louie

    9/22/2017 7:15:52 PM |

    Styling is great! Looks comfy too.  It'd be great for my little one's sweaty feet.

  • Chris

    9/22/2017 7:32:54 PM |

    Color is perfect for all seasons and every occasion. Can be casual or dressy.
    Keep it, please!

  • Raymond Masse

    9/22/2017 7:36:03 PM |

    The grey will work.

  • Georgette

    9/22/2017 7:38:23 PM |

    These are cute and neutral. Can go with anything and be worn by boys and girls.
    Love pediped sandals. My son wore a pair all summer and they held up really well

  • Sharon

    9/22/2017 7:39:57 PM |

    They look so comfortable and I love the colour!

  • Sara Phillips

    9/22/2017 7:57:00 PM |

    I'd love to see more shoes in this grey color!

  • Rania R

    9/22/2017 8:04:43 PM |

    Wow, so pretty !! I love the color Smile

  • Kateryna Mason

    9/22/2017 8:08:23 PM |

    I am first time mom and we all love to give our kids the best!!!! This shoes just the best, silver color represents wealth.

  • Allyson Tice

    9/22/2017 8:23:21 PM |

    The color is ok..i would prefer a brighter color honestly! i love the velcro! so easy to get on and off! the leather is awesome.. it will last forever!!

  • Kieshawn Ford

    9/22/2017 8:29:16 PM |

    Looks like Pediped nailed it again! The quality looks strong and very comfortable. The color is wonderful for multiple seasons and you can go dressy or causal with these..  I am always looking for an everyday shoe that is versatile and these are perfect. The style is as elegant as their sandals and I am so excited to see more as they are always designing new looks. My daughters have been wearing pediped since birth and I have enjoyed growing with the pediped family. .

  • JJ

    9/22/2017 8:49:59 PM |

    These cute sandals look comfortable and good for the little one's feet.  I love the velcro closures; they look like they can be easily put on her feet. I'd love to win the pair!

  • ellen willett

    9/22/2017 8:57:05 PM |


  • Christina C.

    9/22/2017 9:00:46 PM |

    These look great and matches everything. And it's pretty unisex.

  • Andrew Marks

    9/22/2017 9:03:32 PM |

    Very adorable they look great!

  • Connie Williamson

    9/22/2017 9:36:00 PM |

    I have a grandson who would look very cute in that color of shoes. Yes, I'd like to see more shoes in those colors.

  • Patricia

    9/22/2017 9:59:44 PM |

    Gray is a great neutral color -- hope to see this color in other styles.

  • Angie kincaid

    9/22/2017 10:05:02 PM |

    The grey is a good color that's goes with everything!! We would definitely buy it but winning them would be awesome!!😊👏👍

  • Maudra

    9/22/2017 10:16:16 PM |

    Classic color for my little walker! Love everything about this shoe.

  • Virginia Alworth

    9/22/2017 10:33:58 PM |

    they look very comfortable

  • Marina Trajbar

    9/22/2017 10:53:40 PM |

    Love gray color on pediped shoes! ❤️

  • Mandy

    9/22/2017 11:22:14 PM |

    This gray is indeed easy to pair with different outfits, but its not very Spring-y and think its fine not to include in the Spring line.


    9/22/2017 11:26:39 PM |

    So great to see a pair of grey shoes for girls.  I'm so tired of everything being pink!

  • Victoria Eckhard

    9/23/2017 12:00:51 AM |

    I think these lovely! Grey is a popular colour amoung parents as it goes with anything.  I purchased the Originals Jazzie Peacock in Grey so these are right up my street, perfect for my little girl.  Just a shame the competition is only open to the US, you have UK fans out here too Smile

  • G spurling

    9/23/2017 1:02:52 AM |

    Unisex! If made well, may last for more than 1 baby, & open toed, easy to get the shoe on/off

  • Kat Olmstead

    9/23/2017 1:49:44 AM |

    So cute! They look really comfortable, too!

  • Michelle Williams

    9/23/2017 2:36:27 AM |

    I think that these could definitely make a comeback! Gray goes with more colors than navy blue and it is gender neutral.

  • Jill Gay

    9/23/2017 5:16:11 AM |

    Love these! I agree with precious commenters- could work for boys or girls.. perfect!

  • Lynne Freeman

    9/23/2017 5:24:55 AM |

    I think my grandson needs these shoes! He would be great at telling the world about your cute and comfy shoes!!!!

  • Mayra

    9/23/2017 6:52:28 AM |

    Love the grey!! Grey goes with practically everything so we always have a pair of grey shoes.

  • Diane ONeal

    9/23/2017 7:19:17 AM |

    they look so comfortable

  • Brianne Heimbuch

    9/23/2017 8:03:41 AM |

    Love the grey! I've loved pediped shoes, and think grey is a great neutral to have!

  • Sarah Bridge

    9/23/2017 8:51:48 AM |

    I love the color for all seasons.

  • Elisse Florance

    9/23/2017 9:15:42 AM |

    Love the color! It would go with so many of my daughters outfits!

  • Anna T

    9/23/2017 9:30:17 AM |

    They are perfect--So cute and classic! Gray is one of my very favorite colors to wear for me AND my little one! I could see her having many adventures in these cool shoes! Smile

  • Kimberly Messina

    9/23/2017 9:36:25 AM |

    NO- you did NOT make a mistake by not including grey along with navy in the spring line.  I WOULD like to see more shoes in this grey color. Maybe a boy AND girl version of these Sydney Stone Grey, that way, siblings can match for Easter/Spring photos! (Think bunnies and baskets!) 🐇
    Thanks for the opportunity to WIN these AMAZING shoes!

  • Paul Parker

    9/23/2017 10:42:42 AM |

    I love the color of these!

  • Leigh K.

    9/23/2017 11:10:15 AM |

    I love the sleek styling & neutral color of this sandal! Gray is the perfect color to go with just about everything!

  • Nicole Ortiz

    9/23/2017 11:54:32 AM |

    They are very cute! Love the color.

  • Polly

    9/23/2017 12:23:48 PM |

    The color is perfect for the Fall /Winter season

  • Kimberlee Hugueley

    9/23/2017 1:47:23 PM |

    LOVE this gray color! Neutral and striking at the same time.  My little one said they are "Cute!!!!"  in her high-pitched squeal. 😂😂


    9/23/2017 1:47:23 PM |

    I personally think the color is great.  I feel it would go with many things.  I really have trouble getting shoes that are comfortable  for me because of problems with my feet.  Would love to win these I am so tired of wearing the same tennies  every day

  • Angela Burke

    9/23/2017 3:36:34 PM |

    I’m a big fan of grey - the perfect summer sandal colour! These Adaptation Scotland gorgeous and with the memory foam insole sound super comfy. Would be perfect for my little toddler Smile

  • Angela Burke

    9/23/2017 3:37:56 PM |

    I’m a big fan of grey - the perfect summer sandal colour! These are gorgeous and with the memory foam insole sound super comfy. Would be perfect for my little toddler Smile

  • Wiktoria W.

    9/23/2017 5:40:35 PM |

    Great style and color! A nice change from brown or navy.

  • Hillary Smith

    9/23/2017 6:50:32 PM |

    Oh I love these! Very versatile. My little guy would love these!

  • LeAnn Harbert

    9/23/2017 8:07:34 PM |

    Grey will go with just about anything.

  • Donna James

    9/23/2017 8:54:28 PM |

    They look alright, but I will give them a try if I win.

  • Sarah Glass

    9/23/2017 9:05:25 PM |

    What a perfect shoe!!! Southern CALIFORNIA calls for sandals year round so these would be incredible!

  • Jennifer Odom

    9/23/2017 9:39:07 PM |

    These are a great gender neutral style and color!

  • Hillary Lambert

    9/24/2017 3:13:31 AM |

    I love this shoe. My son wore these for years in multiple sizes. These would be perfect for my daughter because she has many outfits that have black in them and would match nicely.

  • Melinda smith

    9/24/2017 3:20:03 AM |

    I think this color is super cute! Always helpful to have neutrals to match.  So many color options to chose from beside this one!

  • Silja Blomqvist

    9/24/2017 4:55:58 AM |

    Very cute! The gray color looks fresh.

  • Marya Mann

    9/24/2017 5:15:42 AM |

    I agree I'd  love to see more gray because it's such a neutral color!

  • sarah woods

    9/24/2017 6:58:14 AM |

    A shoe design for comfort, health and safety for our children's feet and FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren Jones

    9/24/2017 7:52:42 AM |

    They look very comfy and a nice color which will match with just about everything.

  • Nikki Coonce

    9/24/2017 12:32:32 PM |

    Love the grey color! So versatile!

  • Dee Robinson

    9/24/2017 2:59:48 PM |

    These shoes actually look very elegant and sleek. Classy even. They can be dressed up or down. Go from the playground, to church, to wherever basically. The neutral colors are a plus.

  • Vapipakosh

    9/24/2017 3:41:01 PM |

    My daughter loves her Pedipeds! And I can't get enough of how comfortable they are! I'm thrilled about the endless outfit possibilities this color will create. I love the neutral colors when it comes to shoes and this is a perfect addition!  I do wish the soles matched the color of the leather or was a bit darker. Also, that the footbed was an off white or darker color so that the wear and tear is less noticeable. Other than that, I am very happy with Pedipeds and I'm so glad I found them for my daughter.

  • denise low

    9/24/2017 3:41:06 PM |

    I love the design and the style.  Pediped makes very cute shoes for all ages.

  • Dana Matthews

    9/24/2017 4:22:40 PM |

    No mistake with this color!   It's classic, goes with anything and is fashionable.

  • Gina Tompkins

    9/24/2017 6:33:33 PM |

    Good neutral color!  

  • Hillary Smith

    9/24/2017 6:37:03 PM |

    Love these!

  • Calista Thompson

    9/25/2017 3:43:48 AM |

    So cute! Love the neutral color that will go with everything!

  • Lynne Freeman

    9/25/2017 10:15:37 AM |

    How do I unsubscribe to the comments?

  • Eva Daniell

    9/25/2017 11:12:47 AM |

    I love gray. it matches with alot of other colors

  • Renee Morgan

    9/25/2017 12:09:16 PM |


  • Jenny Do

    9/25/2017 3:33:29 PM |

    Please pick me

  • Michael Woods

    9/25/2017 7:01:52 PM |

    These are adorable and versatile shoes.

  • Trisha Scott

    9/25/2017 7:37:40 PM |

    Love them. So classic. Great for dress up or casual.

  • Keri justice

    9/26/2017 4:55:43 AM |

    I really like the grey, it would match anything!

  • Laura Lear

    9/26/2017 6:56:29 AM |

    I'm obsessed with gray, and adore these! We have them in navy and gray for my son, and he's worn them all summer. He won't wear any other shoes!

  • Ana Munro

    9/26/2017 7:23:36 AM |

    Super cute!!! Smile loved it! And perfect for FL weather too!

  • Ashley keinath

    9/26/2017 7:49:28 AM |

    I'd love this for my little! Love the color and style

  • Amanda Ball

    9/26/2017 8:57:13 AM |

    I love the Grey you don't see many toddler shoes in that color and when I have to buy shoes for 2 toddlers im always looking for colors that match most outfits.

  • elishevah Poltorak

    9/26/2017 4:27:56 PM |

    These would be perfect  for my  toddler during the hot summer months (we live in Texas..its still pretty hot here!). I love the gray color, it goes with everything and I love the cut outs and sturdiness of this shoe. Pedipeds are a long time favorite in our house!

  • Katherine Oliveira

    9/26/2017 6:07:06 PM |

    I'm loving the neutral gray and the versatility!

  • Donna D Coakley

    9/27/2017 7:51:13 AM |

    I love the gray! My granddaughter has a lot of gray and I love it for babies.  Gray happens to be one of my favorite colors and I promise I'm an extremely happy person! I like this versatile style, too.

  • Laura Royal

    9/27/2017 7:54:10 AM |

    These would be so cute on my little girl.

  • Janel Arroyo

    9/27/2017 8:38:26 AM |

    Pediped shoes are great in all colors! and grey is very versatile Smile
    Love these!

  • Lindsay Fairbrother-Henige

    9/28/2017 9:59:59 AM |

    I absolutely love the grey.  It would be neutral and go with a lot!

  • Erin

    9/28/2017 12:06:56 PM |

    I love these ones! They definitely should have been included. Please add them! Thanks! Love pedipeds!

  • Judy Killen

    9/28/2017 10:00:01 PM |

    These shoes are adorable. They look so sturdy and easy to put on. Love the color for my grandson Atticus.  He is 15 months and needs good sturdy walking shoes.  He has been walking for about 2 months. Thanks for a chance.

  • Shanna Van Dyke

    9/29/2017 8:12:32 AM |

    Love these shoes and the grey is the perfect neutral!  We are a Pediped crew at our house!  

  • Joann Blanco

    9/29/2017 8:59:47 AM |

    They look amazing! I love the gray! Pediped, you're the best!

  • Candace

    9/29/2017 8:29:44 PM |

    I love the style. Protecting toes while being able to fashionable is definitely what I look for in a great sandal.

  • Kay B

    9/30/2017 7:22:57 AM |

    Love this! Gray is the perfect color, it goes with so much!

  • Sally

    9/30/2017 6:02:44 PM |

    Super cute!

  • Joelle Burgess

    10/2/2017 8:30:35 AM |

    Very cute shoes!! I love the shoes by pediped, they are so natural and fit nicely! I don't worry about my growing toddler's feet as he moves from a beginning walker to an active runner.

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