Giveaway / Friday, August 11th, 2017
Big congratulations to David on winning the one-of-a-kind Flex Rolands in Clay/Apricot for our second Designer Closet Giveaway!

“I am a Daddy of two sons. I guess mostly moms are interested in comments.  :  )
We love Rolands Shoes. The colors are beautifully juxtaposed by Autumn colors. Very well layered by orange, light brown and dark brown. Particularly, the use of two different colored shoe laces is stunning. If it is used with one color, the shoes would be little monotonous. Most of all, the red highlighted (P) embodies not only Pediped but also fruit in the fall season. This idea of using red color was creative. Then, the red stitches on the heel make this shoe more not machine made but human made item. Like more human and environmental friendly shoes.
I strongly recommend this shoe!! I wish you have an adult one.
Yes!! My kid is ready for this shoes.  This coming fall, let’s go hiking with daddy.
Mommy needs a rest! : )”
We can’t wait for you to receive them–and we seriously appreciate everyone else’s comments on them!

Keep an eye out on this blog–we have even more one-of-a-kind shoes to pull out from the Designer’s Closet!  What kind of shoes would you wanna see come out of hiding next?

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