Activities, Arts & Crafts / Friday, October 19th, 2018

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to get the kids involved! Giving the kiddos something to look forward to and get involved in is not only sentimental, but it’s another way to keep them busy collecting memories for years to come. We’ve rounded up some fun and easy Autumn crafts that your kids can do in anticipation for the Fall holidays.

Easy Autmun Crafts

  1. Wall of Blessings: Use clothespins to clip faux leaves to a twine-stringed frame. Then ask the kids to write down something they’re grateful for each day of November and add it to the board.
  2. Festive Fall Bookmark: Encourage the kids to get ahead on that book report over the break by making these festive bookmarks. Attach leaves trimmed from felt to popsicle sticks and voila.
  3. Painted Pumpkins: Perhaps a more tidy alternative to carving pumpkins is actually painting the pumpkins!
  4. Paper Plate Reefs: Enlist the kids for a little holiday decorating! They can hang decorate and hang their own reefs on their bedroom door.
  5. Colorful Leaf Garland: Add a touch of kid influenced DIY to your home with these super cute water color leaf garland.

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