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As you go out to eat with your family or friends, take a look around and count how many people are on their phones. A lot, right? It’s not too surprising, as I’ve been guilty of it myself. If you are looking for less distractions and more ways to be present with your kids this year, then you may want to try limiting your screen time. Often times it can seem like we are living in a society where everyone is simultaneously plugged in and tuned out. Did you know a recent study found that American kids are only spending an average of 15 minutes a day outside, mainly due to technology? That’s nearly a fourth of the time kids spent outside just a decade ago. Sure, social media is fun and a great tool to stay connected to friends, loved ones, and the occasional cat memes. But it is also the number one place to power off if you’re looking to charge up your time with your kids this year.

Everyone can use the benefits of more sleep. The earlier you go to bed the more refreshed you will be for the day’s next adventures. Try to create a habit to go to bed around the same time each night. I would say I’m a night owl because once my kids are finally in bed, my husband and I can watch our shows. However, this would leave me dragging in the morning. So now, my goal is to get the kids in bed earlier, so our show times don’t keep us up until the midnight hour.

Motivate yourself to a brisk walk, bike ride, or whatever heart pumping workout you can fit into 5 mins each day.  A lot of times after, 5 mins, you are feeling good, and ready to press on, and sometimes when you’re not that is ok too, you accomplished your 5! Big pat on your back!

Here at pediped, we are so adamant about taking care of your feet, and proper foot health. That is why we create our shoes to help the development of kids feet through their early stages of life, and believe that all through life, and at any age, that should be a priority. Did you know, 70% of foot problems come from improper footwear or ill-fitting shoes. So check your shoes, your kids shoes, and make sure you’re on the right track to foot health.

Last, but not least, really focus this year on eating right. Thinking about what makes your body function at its optimal level. Let’s challenge each other, just for one day, try not to eat sugar or carbs, then the next day eat sugar and carbs, and focus on what differences you felt. It helps make the crash of sugar more apparent. Like I said, before, as we all know moderation is key. But when you pick items to eat, really think about their effects, and if it’s the optimal foods to help you be your best self throughout your day.

Cheers to Healthy Habits of 2019!

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