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The cutest little “heart attacks”

February is the perfect time to celebrate your kiddos and shower them with love in celebration of Valentine’s Day. In addition to the sweets and treats and customary Valentine’s Day cards, my family has embraced a fun tradition that incorporates tons of hearts and giggles, or what we call “heart attacks”.

The Valentine’s Day ritual my husband and I love doing with our three boys is simple but has become so fun and unexpectedly sentimental over the years. Every year we write out a special message on foam hearts or paper cards and leave them on our three boys’ bedroom doors each day leading up to Valentine’s Day. We’ll tell them how much we appreciate them or let them know we are proud of them for helping around with chores. We’ll thank them for little things they do like feeding our dog without having to ask, or even share a playful message about how happy we were to not find toothpaste in the sink after they’ve brushed their teeth. It’s always a fun time watching them rush to the door in the morning and read aloud to each other, giggling and joking about who has the silliest love letter from mom and dad. It certainly puts them in a great mood before school and gives us a bit more special moments before starting our day.

We hope to continue this tradition with our boys for many years to come. I also hope that they’ll grow to know that love encompasses small silly moments just as much as the serious big ones, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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