Activities, Announcements, Arts & Crafts, Gift Guide / Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

We at pediped® headquarters got a visit from some “bunny” really special- the Easter basket expert. Here are some hints and examples on the how-to’s for the perfect basket for those special ones in your life this Easter featuring our beloved pediped® shoes.

Start by making a trip to your local Target, Michaels, or Dollar Stores and pick up fun extras to add to the baskets. Here are some of the finds we are “hopping” through the office in excitement over.

Next, add some shoes and other treats your kiddos have been eyeing and you’re all set to have a magical Easter morning, with wonder and surprise. Also knowing the “bunny” brought some healthy and stylish additions for their feet, makes a parents heart happy.

Here are some photos of our Easter basket designs. Snatch up our shoes, here.

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