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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! My three boys have already made Christmas lists and update them with every commercial they see and toy magazine we get in the mail. But I really want to help instill in them during this time of year, and truly all year round, the ability to think of others. Not saying it’s not ok to get excited about getting gifts because that is such a magical part of Christmas (or Hanukah and other Holiday traditions), but truly realizing all to be grateful for is so important as well.

Starting December 1st, I encourage you to take some of our ideas, or ideas of your own, and do something each day to help brighten someone’s holiday season.

You can use a written journal to capture moments, take photos, or a combination of both to capture memories and reflect on how you gave back.

Write down how you want to give back that day and/or what you are going to do for someone else.

Take a moment to reflect on what you did to delight someone that day, and for parents, ask your kids questions on how it made them feel.

Take pictures or have your kids draw pictures of what they did. This will help them create a memory that will last a lifetime.

And parents, don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it every day. Just focus on the days you can and know that even just doing one day will give your kids a chance to think of others.

  1. Make cards for a friend or someone in your family telling them you are grateful for them.

  2. Provide 12 days of Christmas or 8 days of Hanukah gifts for someone not in your family, can be handmade or little items. Don’t miss pediped’s 12 Days of Christmas!

  3. Give Mom/Dad a foot or shoulder massage.

  4. Help a sibling clean their room.

  5. Take cookies or treats to a local fire station/police station.

  6. Clean up garbage in your neighborhood.

  7. Secretly rake leaves or shovel snow for a neighbor in need.

  8. Stuff warm socks with snacks and other essentials to pass to homeless in your community.

  9. Make Holiday Cards for the elderly in Retirement and Nursing Homes.

  10. Secretly pay for another person’s meal at a restaurant/coffee shop.

  11. Do a neighborhood free gift wrapping station.

  12. Send a package/letter to a soldier thanking them for their service.

  13. Make dinner together and take it to a family in need.

  14. Take coffee to your crossing guards or morning recess teachers.

  15. Help serve dinner at a homeless shelter.

  16. Take cookies to the teachers’ lounge thanking them for all they do.

  17. Go through old toys and donate to a church nursery.

  18. Help at an animal shelter. Donate items/food to help the animals in need.

  19. Leave rolls of quarters at a laundromat with a note of good cheer.

  20. Collect video games/dvds you don’t use and donate to a Children’s Hospital.

  21. Sponsor a kid on an angel tree or through another organization.

  22. Have a hot cocoa stand where you donate the money earned to a favorite cause.

  23. Give multiple compliments to lots of people today.

  24. Collect canned food and donate to a local food bank.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy Holidays from us at pediped. Hope you can enjoy your time together and including your children in the beauty of thinking of others.

May all your Holidays be Bright!

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