Kids Shoe Shopping with Ali Levine, Amelia Rei & pediped Footwear!

Activities, Announcements / Friday, August 9th, 2019
Watch and learn as we sip some footwear tea with Celeb Stylist, Ali Levine and her sweet little girl, Amelia Rei!

Ali Levine stopped by our Flagship pediped® Footwear store while in town for a beauty convention (of course, the ever fashionable & multi-tasking woman at her best)! We just had to stop and ask this beautiful momma to spill the tea on why pediped® Footwear is her absolute favorite baby shoe for her sweet daughter, Amelia Rei.

Amelia Rei wearing our pediped® Footwear Originals crib shoe: Daphne Pink Champagne, while asking to try on our Toddler shoes, since she is confidently taking 30 steps!!

Ali hits the nail on the head with why pediped shoes are important for your child. “I’m obsessed with the cutest shoes and cute details, but what I love most is that they are safe and healthy for her feet”, she says.

Did you know that the bones in a baby’s foot are made of cartilage, the same flexible substance you find in your ears and nose?! A shoe that is too rigid or too tight can change the shape of your child’s foot…FOREVER! Ali and Amelia Rei know that when it comes to fashion AND function, pediped® Footwear is on point!

Amelia Rei getting a proper fitting for the best size shoe for her growing little feet!

Ali knows how important it is to have your child’s feet measured to be sure they are wearing the correct size! A child’s feet grow in spurts and often require new shoes every 3 to 4 months. Luckily, pediped® Footwear sends out an at-home sizing guide with every one of our internet orders so parents can feel secure knowing they aren’t damaging their child’s growth with ill-fitting shoes!

Check out our new video where Ali explains why pediped® Footwear is her top selection for quality children’s shoes, and why you should too!
A girl can never try on too many shoes!

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